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Wrong login, password or PIN code

Please refer to this section

I forgot my password/PIN code

Follow this checklist

Technical issues

Refer to the troubleshoot section of your platform.


How to make a deposit or request a withdrawal?

Open the My Account report by going to Account > My Account where you find the Deposit and Withdrawal sections.


Is it possible to change the account currency?

It is not possible to change the account currency, however a new account in a different currency can be created and the money from your existing account can be transfered to this new account.

What is the difference between a normal account and a global account?

The default account type is called an “hedging account”. On a global account, you cannot open opposite positions on the same instrument, therefore no conditional orders – no Stop loss, take profit, OCO,..


Could you close my order? I tried to do it myself, but it doesn’t work because I lost my internet connection.

Call our live trading support.

How does the margin call work?

If the use of leverage goes above 100%, you will not be allowed to increase exposure on this account. You may only close the existing unhedged positions or hedge current positions in order to reduce exposure. Your positions will not be closed automatically. The automated system will cancel all placed bid/offer orders that can increase the exposure. If your use of leverage goes above 200%, the system will reduce your exposure by hedging positions in the opposite direction for all positions, in order to decrease the use of leverage to 100% or less. By default, the system automatically reduces exposure so that the use of leverage is brought to approximately 100%. However, you can set full close of all open positions in case of a margin cut.

How to avoid hedging positions automatically in case of a margin cut?

You can change your account setting so your positions will be closed in case of a margin cut. Click here for more information.

What is the PIP value for 1 unit of XAU/USD?

0.01 USD

What is the PIP value for 50 unit of XAG/USD?

0.50 USD

What is the value in USD for XAG/USD (for the minimum amount)?

1 PIP=0.01 USD when you trade one unit of gold and 1 PIP=0.5 USD when you trade 50 units of silver.

What is the maximum number positions I can open (live account), including stop losses and take profits?

The maximum number individual positions, including open positions and potential-pending orders, is 200. Orders linked to a position - take-profit and stop-loss orders - are not taken into account in this maximum.

Is the STOP LOSS ORDER placed on your server or locally on my computer?

All your orders are sent to our servers. So if your computer is switched of, your stop loss order is still alive.

Why, even after closing my position is my equity changing?

The profit and loss of the trading day is converted into your account base currency at current rates and your equity might fluctuate (slightly) until the end of the trading day. At settlement, the conversion rate is fixed. If there are no open exposures/positions after settlement, your equity will stop fluctuating.

How can I change the time zone in JForex?

Go to Settings > Preferences

Is it possible to remove your P&L or equity from JForex?

No, it is not possible.

Is it possible not to use the Pin feature?

Yes, for that you will have to register one or more static IP addresses you are connecting from. In your reports, please go to Summary > My Account and look for the Security Settings section. Click on IP registration and add the IPs.


Can I run my strategies remotely from Dukascopy servers?


Can I run more than one strategy locally in a live environment?


I have a demo account and want to apply for 12 remote slots.

Yes, send a request to support.


Can I export past trades into an Excel file?

Yes. In your reports, you will spot a button called "Export". It does exactly that. This option is available in the portfolio statement (where you can find your past trades) and the position report.

I would like to have your IP address in order to make a ping.

For security reasons, we don’t provide our servers IP addresses. You can ask us any time for a ping rate to have a clear idea of your internet connection speed.

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