Deposits and Withdrawals

This article explains how to deposit or withdraw funds from your Forex & CFD account.

  1. Login into your live trading platform.

  2. Open the My Account report.

    Desktop Platforms: Go to Account > My Account

    Mobile Platforms: Go to More > Account > Account settings

  3. Locate the Deposit and Withdrawal sections in the report.

Deposit Withdrawal

Several options are available to deposit and withdraw funds:

Deposit options

  • Card Deposit

    Click on Deposit to deposit funds by credit or debit card.

    Card top ups are not necessarily deposited instantly on the account. It may take a while until the deposited amount appears on the account. If human intervention is required, feedback is typically provided within 48 hours (excluding weekend time).
  • Wire Transfer

    Click on Get instructions and follow the instructions to send funds by wire transfer.

Withdrawal options

  • Wire Transfer

    Click on Withdrawal to request a withdrawal by wire transfer.

  • Internal Transfer

    Transfer funds to another Forex & CFD or Binary Option account opened in your name (where applicable).

  • DC Payments

    Send funds to your DC Payments account (where applicable)

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