Intraday Statement

The intraday statement dispatches the intraday activity per instrument. The statement provides chronologically the transactional activity, the current exposure and the profit and loss per instrument, and at the account level, every profit and loss being reported and converted with market prices when there is profit and loss in a currency other than the account base currency. Cash flows are also reported when they are booked. As the intraday statement does not include commissions, the statement is purely trading oriented.

Item Description
Balance Equity at last settlement.
Open P/L The profit and loss of the current session, in the account base currency.
Equity The current equity.
Rates The conversion rates used to convert profit and losses in currency other than the account base currency

P&L Intraday

Intraday statement summary with profit and losses conversion.

Intraday Statement 1

The intraday trading profit and loss does reflect the performance of the account recorded from the last settlement. The intraday statement discloses the intraday gross trading profit and loss, for each instrument, and on summary. The portfolio statement discloses, for the current day, the gross trading profit and loss per instrument, the commissions, and the cash flows booked intraday; the summary is the net equity change.

The balance does reflect the equity at last settlement.

The equity does reflect the equity at the time the intraday statement is opened, or reloaded, in the intraday session.

The Open P/L does reflect the daily gross trading profit and loss at the time the intraday statement is opened, or reloaded.

 The intraday statement does not consider the commissions in the calculation of the trading profit and loss.
The intraday statement will reflect any cash flow in a separate column.

Intraday statement summary with a intraday cash flow.

Intraday Statement 2


The different levels of the portfolio statement and intraday statement report transactions and evaluate them separately and independently from each other, that is, every trade is marked-to-market, or evaluated with the settlement price whatever the particular trade is a close, or an open trade. This aims to view efficiently the trading activity.

Intraday statement showing that the session started with 10 positions on EUR/USD, and no intra session trading activity

Intraday Statement 4

The intraday statement shows the current net exposure in the instrument.

The intraday statement shows the current profit and loss in the instrument.

The profit and loss figure in the intraday statement and on a particular instrument is reported in the secondary currency of the instrument. If the net exposure is zero, the profit and loss is fixed although every single trade continues to be marked-to-market until settlement. If instruments from where the secondary currency is other than the account base currency are traded, the global profit and loss will not be fixed due to conversion effects; the conversion rate being also marked-to-marked until settlement where it will be fixed for the day.

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