Position Report

The position report consolidates the trading activity reporting by grouping open and close orders, reporting as a result trade information on open and close exposure components(positions). The available information per position encompasses the gross profit and loss in the secondary currency which is defined as the trading profit and loss exclusively; the commission amount, the absolute impact of swaps, and the net profit and loss in the secondary currency. The report discloses first the open positions, if any, then the closed positions. The status of the position is either open, closed, or merged.

The position report does not consider the interim settlement of the conversion fixing rate of daily profit and loss. For profit and loss calculation purposes on a closed position, the position reporting compares the open price with the close price, and discloses the resulting profit and loss on the position, in the secondary currency of the position instrument. 

As a result, and if the secondary currency of the position instrument is other than the account base currency, the profit and loss figure did not include any profit and loss from the daily conversion of the running profit and loss, which has occurred in practice. The total profit and loss reported this way may be significantly different from the true profit and loss realized on a particular position. The longer the holding period, and the larger the position, the bigger the bias is.

Open Positions

Open positions are not yet closed, they are therefore marked-to-market at the time the report is loaded, or reloaded. The current date is disclosed relative to the open date.

Position Report 1

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