Use In Intellij IDEA

To start working with JForex-SDK in Intellij IDEA do the following:

  1. Download latest version of Intellij IDEA
  2. Download Jforex-SDK project and unzip file
  3. File > Open, choose folder with project.Intellij1
  4. Check for pom.xml file presence and import projectIntellij2
  5. Locate the, change in the source code userName and password to the ones of your account and select Run Intellij3

One can update the project to use the latest JForex-API version, simply by changing the DDS2-jClient-JForex dependency version in the pom.xml configuration file to latest one that is available in Dukascopy public repository.

Note for Proxy users: If you access the internet through a proxy mind that you will need to add the proxy settings to the maven configuration. You can find configuration by selecting in File -> Settings -> Appearance&Behavior -> System settings -> HTTP Proxy. If the settings.xml is not there simply create it there and then add proxy configuration to the file.

Change JForex-API version

If you want to use your JForex-SDK project with another JForex-API version, you have to know the corresponding DDS2-jClient-JForex version. JForex-API-> DDS2-jClient-JForex versions that are available in the public repository map as follows:

  • ->
  • -> 2.29
  • -> 2.30
  • etc

Thus for using the project with JForex-API, you have to change the version number of DDS2-jClient-JForex in pom.xml file to 2.29 and then rebuild the project.

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