Date and time of the order creation.

External ID

The external order identification number, this field can be used to attribute a user specific identification.

Position ID

Internal position identification number. It is the identification number that would be attributed to the position in case of execution. It can be also the number of an opened position in the case of pending associated orders (like STOP LOSS or TAKE PROFIT). All orders have a position identification number attributed, even pending orders.

Order ID

Unique internal identification number attributed by the server.


Instrument of the order.




The amount of the order. For associated orders, it is the amount of the corresponding position.


Abbreviation Order Description
SL Stop loss order (can be either sell, or buy order to close)
TP Take profit order (can be either sell, or buy order to close)
ENTRY Entry orders (can be either sell, or buy order to open)
BID Bid order (placed order to buy)
OFFER Offer order (placed order to buy)


Price: The price conditions embedded in the order. It discloses the trigger conditions and price, and the constraints on execution price, if appropriate.


Current status of the order.


Expiration Description
GTC Good-till-canceled, the order will remain pending until it is executed, or canceled by the trader.
Date The date and time when the order will be automatically canceled.
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