Orders are managed with the orders pane. All orders are disclosed in the orders pane until they are executed, or otherwise canceled. The orders may be sorted according to the criteria of any column selected. The order of columns may also be modified.

Status 1

Order Status

Orders can be tracked and managed by looking at their state, or status. Orders can have the following status:


The executing stage of an order is a temporary status when any order is sent for execution. Once the order is accepted by the server, the status of the order must have changed. If an order stays in executing status, it is a signal that a problem occurred, and the client must immediately contact Dukascopy Bank to get a proper confirmation of the current status of the order. Reconnecting the platform may help to get the current status if the error occurred due to a connection loss at the time the order is sent.

Executing status must be resolved as soon as possible. In case orders stay in Executing status after reconnection attempt and/or restart of the platform, the client must contact immediately Dukascopy Bank to get a confirmation about the current status of the order, this latter can have been executed, canceled or never receveid in the meantime.


Orders waiting for triggering are in the pending status as long as they are not executed, or canceled. The pending status means that the orders are accepted by the server. By contrast to the bid/offers orders which are placed, they need either a trigger, or a probability of execution to be sent to the marketplace.

Orders pane showing a take profit, a stop loss, an entry buy MIT, a sell stop limit entry and a buy limit entry orders.

All these orders are triggered orders, and are in PENDING status until they are triggered, or having a probability of execution, depending on the type of orders, or are otherwise canceled.

Status 2


As bid and offer orders are in the internal market depth of the marketplace, that they are visible to internal marketplace participants, and that they require margin reservation, their status is labeled as PLACED, until they are executed, or canceled. In case of partial execution, the remaining part of the original order remains placed until it is fully executed, or canceled.

Status 3

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