Indicator Usage Checklist

If indicator values are different on chart and in strategy, please, check the following:

  • Chart and strategy must have the same filters. The filters on chart can be changed in JForex client settings: Tools > Preferences > Chart > Flats Filtration. Also the offer sides should match (i.e. BID/ASK).
  • GMT time zone must be used in strategy. Please, see date formatting for further details on using time in a strategy.
  • Note that onBar() method is called when a bar has finished. The bar with index 0 in history corresponds to the new unfinished bar. Whereas index 1 corresponds to the last finished bar, that is also passed to onBar() as askBar and bidBar. Therefore, the value of indicator at shift 0 is not yet final and will change when the the bar is completed.
  • Please check that timezone settings on chart and in strategy are equal by setting them in (Tools > Preferences > Chart > "Day start time"), (Tools > Preferences > General > "Platform time zone")
  • Indicator output is affected by Base period

For more convenient value comparison, plot OHLC info object on chart from strategy with option IOhlcChartObject.setShowIndicatorInfo(true), see example Include in OHLC.

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