The present Wiki (also referred to as “the manual”) aims to structure the presentation, description and explanation of the features of the platforms and trading instances in a consistent way. The manual is updated as regularly as possible to cope with the high pace of development of the trading instances. It is designed for either accessing as quickly as possible a particular point, navigating similar and linked issues by the cross references, or facilitating a full study.

Although the manual is updated as speedily as possible, users must be fully aware that the manual may not contain a description of all processes and features as the first evolve over time, and the latter are added, removed, or modified through the development process. By the same token, some descriptions, explanations and other notices may be outdated and not reflecting as a consequence, current processes and procedures.

Therefore, clients are strongly encouraged to explore the manual while testing the different features with a demo account. The trading environment, features and functioning of the platform as well as various surrounding issues must have been reviewed by the clients and prospects, all possible remaining questions should have been asked to and answered by Dukascopy Bank before trading live and managing real equity.

Dukascopy Bank is neither responsible nor liable for any damage including but not limited to trading losses or loss of profit deriving from the use, possible incompleteness, inaccuracies and obsolescence of Wiki. Wiki shall not be construed as a trading advice, an investment advice or a recommendation to execute or to not execute specific transactions on Dukascopy’s platforms. The present Wiki is not intended to cover any and all aspects of the business relationship between Dukascopy Bank and its clients, prospects and/or other partners. For information about the frame in which Dukascopy Bank operates with respect to the market and with respect to clients, prospects and other partners, the reader is encouraged to consult the Dukascopy Bank website, and/or to contact Dukascopy Bank’s representatives.