SWFX Sentiment Index for MetaTrader4

SWFX Sentiment Index is an indicator designed to show long and short ratios in open positions. The indicator is build as an Expert Advisor as it requires a DLL import to load the data from the server.


  • Download SWFX Sentiment Index from here.

  • Open Filer Explorer, select SWFX Sentiment index.ex4 and copy this file. MT4-swfx-indicator-setup-1

  • Open MetaTrader4 platform, click on File tab at the top of the platform and select Open Data Folder. MT4-swfx-indicator-setup-2

  • In your data folder, double click on MQL4 folder and then Experts folder. Paste SWFX Sentiment Index.ex4. MT4-swfx-indicator-setup-3

  • Refresh Navigator panel like on the imgage below or restart your MetaTrader4 platform. MT4-swfx-indicator-setup-4

  • Add the SWFX Sentiment Index from Navigator panel by dragging and dropping it on any chart. MT4-swfx-indicator-setup-5

  • Switch to Common tab and enable Allow DLL imports! MT4-swfx-indicator-setup-6

Input Parameters

Users can change input parameters in Input tab. MT4-swfx-indicator-setup-6

  • Read Interval. Default - 30 min. Do not change this setting unless Dukascopy changes the refresh interval on the website.
  • Indicator Style. Choose the style you like:

    • MT4 Style MT4-swfx-indicator-style-1
    • JForex Style MT4-swfx-indicator-style-2
    • Transparent MT4-swfx-indicator-style-3
  • Inverse Colors. Default - false: red color for bull market and blue color for bear market. If true - vice versa.
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