A compilation of practices for advanced users of the JForex trading platform.

Auto launching

Enter the platform automatically

In order to enter the platform without login, password and security code type in, please use Remember me option and enable Autologin under Advanced settings of Login window.


In case you want to change the login credentials, press Cancel within few seconds right after the login window appears.

Quick launch of webstart version

In case you do not want to install JForex, you can launch it by webstart. In this case the platform's files are stored in the cache of JAVA.

We do not recommend using webstart as you will need to install JAVA on your computer. JAVA versions can affect JForex operation!

There are several options how to run it. In each case you need to know the exact address.

  1. Download the .jnlp file in web browser and launch it by double click. You can store this file on your computer and use it every time you want to launch the platform. There is no need to update the file in case a new version of the platform comes out unless the .jnlp file gets changed on our side.

  2. Create a CMD file. Edit it in any text editor and and write in:

for DEMO:


for LIVE:


Save it and double click to launch.

There are several parameters you can add as well:

-J-Djnlp.client.username=YOUR_LOGIN -J-Djnlp.client.password=YOUR_PASSWORD

to avoid entering the credentials.

For LIVE, the platform will open automatically only if you have a fixed IP address registered with us. Otherwise, you will have to go through the PIN procedure.

Run the platform and a strategy (Local run) automatically

Create a CMD file and write a command

for DEMO:

javaws -J-Djnlp.client.username=YOUR_LOGIN -J-Djnlp.client.password=YOUR_PASSWORD -J-Djnlp.strategy.path=C:\MY_STRATEGIES_FOLDER\MY_STRATEGY_NAME_1.jfx;

for LIVE:

javaws -J-Djnlp.client.username=YOUR_LOGIN -J-Djnlp.client.password=YOUR_PASSWORD -J-Djnlp.strategy.path=C:\MY_STRATEGIES_FOLDER\MY_STRATEGY_NAME_1.jfx;
Instead of launching your strategy locally, we recommend launching it on our servers (Remote run). In this case platform can be closed, while the strategies will continue working.

Suppress PIN code verification for LIVE accounts

It is possible to disable PIN code verification upon login.

You require a static IP address (contact your internet service provider).

To register the IP address:

  1. Login into your live trading platform.
  2. Open the My Account report (Go to Account > My Account).
  3. In Security Settings, click on IP registration and register your IP address.
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