Dukascopy Bank does not warrant in any circumstance that the connection will hold continuously. The Internet and worldwide network can fail at any time and for any reason. Dukascopy Bank shall take no responsibility over the consequences of a temporary or permanent loss of communication due to Internet failure, network failure, or local malfunctions.

Clients are linked to the marketplace with their end application and through the electronic network between that application and the marketplace server. Connection speed, stability, and reliability are therefore crucial for exploiting the trading platform.

The trading platform embeds features which manage the connection issues as they arise. Upon disconnection, the trading platform will try to reestablish connection. After some attempts, the platform will stop trying to reconnect.


The connection speed and stability is usually checked by measuring the ping delay between the client's application and the marketplace server. The larger the ping, the more time needed for an order to reach the marketplace. Should this time be large enough, the order runs the risk of being outdated when reaching the marketplace, and conditions of executions set for that order are no longer satisfied. This is less acute for orders already pending at the server, but a slow, unstable or unreliable connection may prevent the clients to operate the platform properly.

The path of the network and the different nodes present in the network are not under the control of Dukascopy. For example, a relatively close location to the server, geographically speaking, does not necessarily imply that the network between the client's application and the marketplace server is straight. Clients are encouraged to check and monitor the following items about their hardware and software dedicated to the internet connection:

Item Description
Firewalls: Too stringent security levels may prevent the connection to be established, or maintained.
Internet Provider: Clients may check with their internet service provider about the maintaining of connection and possible maintenance periods where the connection is shutdown for any period.
Type of connection: Wireless, cable, and so on, may be problematic in some cases. Clients are therefore encouraged to find what kind of connection has the best performance/reliability/stability ratio.

Upon account activation, clients should ask Dukascopy what their ping delay is. Clients are not able to ping either the Bank's website, or the marketplace server on their end.

The following ping ranges can be used for qualitative assessment of connection performance:

Ping delay (ms) Description
< 100 Considered as optimal
100 - 200 Considered as average and small enough to exploit the platform in good conditions
200 - 500 Small enough to exploit the platform but becomes problematic in volatile market environments. The rate of rejection starts to increase due to the connection speed
> 500 Considered as problematic. The rate of rejection is likely to be high, even in average market volatility

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Dukascopy Bank allows the use of Virtual Private Networking in an attempt to address potential connectivity issues and improve the speed and reliability of access to the marketplace.

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