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Contact Us

Dukascopy Bank SA prides itself on its quality of customer care. We are always pleased to meet our clients in person at our headquarters in the heart of the European financial centre, Geneva. Please find us at the following address.


Dukascopy Bank SA
Route de Pre-Bois 20
ICC, Entrance H
1215 Geneva 15

Phone lines
  • Main phone and Fax
    • Phone
      +41 22 799 48 88
    • Fax
      +41 22 799 48 80
  • Live trading Support (24h)
    +41 22 799 48 48
    +41 22 799 48 38

Clients who have opened accounts before December 2009 and who have not signed the intra-group banking secrecy waiver shall use only the following contact details:

Phone number: +41 22 799 48 44
E-mail address: [email protected]

Other phone numbers or e-mail addresses of Dukascopy Bank may be served by employees of Dukascopy Group located out of Switzerland.

For clients security and to ensure quality of service, phone conversations may be recorded.



Dear clients,

Please note that in order to improve security and reliability in execution of your instructions, communication by email of any requests to Dukascopy Bank can be done only through the following mailboxes:


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