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  • Economic Calendar
    Economic Calendar
    Mon, Oct 12, 06:00
    You're watching another edition of the Dukascopy Economic Calendar. I'm Monica Gibson with a closer look at the most important news releases scheduled for Monday, the 12th of October.
    Markets will be closed in the United States, Canada and Japan as Columbus Day, Thanksgiving and Health and Sports Day, respectively, is observed.
    But, even though it's Thanksgiving, Loonie Dollar traders may still want to tune in at 5:20 PM GMT, when the Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz will be giving a closely watched speech at the National Association for Business Economics in Washington D.C.
    UK BRC Like-for-Like Sales for September are out at 11:01. Sales dropped on an annual basis in August, although food sales posted growth for the first time in 12 months.
    Bank of Japan will release the Minutes of its September meeting at 11:50. The meeting brought no changes to the monetary policy.
    Japanese Bank Lending for September is due at the same time. Bank lending continued to increase in August, and at a faster pace than the 2.6% gain the previous month.
    National Australia Bank Business Confidence for September follows at half past midnight. The Index fell to a 2-year low in August although it remains in the positive territory.
    Japanese Consumer Confidence for September comes at 5 o'clock in the morning. The August data surprised on the upside as the Index rose by 1.4 points.
    And last up at 6 o'clock are the Japanese Preliminary Machine Tool Orders for September. Both the domestic and foreign orders went down in August.
    That's all for Monday's Economic Calendar. Our next release will cover the most important news releases for Tuesday, so check back.
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  • Movers and Shakers
    Movers and Shakers
    Fri, Oct 09, 15:38
    Hello, I’m Sinead MacLaughlin and it’s time for this week’s last report on the FX Movers and Shakers.
    Sterling/Australia is the mover of the day and the pair has lost more than 1% as it plummeted up to approximately 11 AM when it leveled out.
    Australian home loans grew, but slower than expected and Ozzy Dollar tops the advancers and decliners table.
    Euro trades mostly higher and it’s close to level with the Swiss Franc.
    New Zealand Dollar is point 44% South of the neighboring Ozzy Dollar and just slightly up from the Loonie Dollar, which is the most bearish of the three commodity currencies on the table as Canadian unemployment rate showed a disappointing rise.
    US Dollar is point 26% up from the safe-haven Japanese Yen, which is almost level with the Sterling as UK trade deficit declined less than estimated and construction output dropped.
    Weekly advancers list is led by New Zealand/Yen and the pair has shot up by more than 5%. Euro/Australia is the top decliner and it’s down by 3.3%.
    New Zealand/Dollar shows the biggest rise over a month and it’s up by 4.6%. Sterling/New Zealand is the most bearish pair and it has lost 4.63%.
    This wraps up Friday’s Movers and Shakers. Enjoy your weekend and tune in on Monday for more on the FX Markets. Goodbye.
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  • Election Disinterest
    Fri, Oct 09, 15:03
    Both the BoC and Fed have monetary policy decisions coming up, what will this mean for USD/CAD?
    Keywords: Canada, US, USD, CAD, Forecast, Loonie, Dollar, Canadian Election, BoC, Federal Reserve, Commodity Prices, FOMC, Gregory Anderson, BMO Capital Markets
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  • Glencore Share Price Doubled
    Phone Interview
    Fri, Oct 09, 14:18
    Among other standout moves this week, Glencore Plc has doubled from it's record low. Michael Van Dulken, Accendo Markets.
    Keywords: USD, Glencore, Stock Market, Euro, Turkey, Inflation, Lira, Monetary Policy, Consumer Confidence, Trade Deficit, BOJ, BOC, Oil, Resources, Exports, Eurozone, China, Manufacturing Data, FX Trading, Investing, Forex.
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  • Community Stars Nr.91
    Community Contests
    Fri, Oct 09, 13:09
    What's happened in the community this week? It's time to announce our Dukascopy Community Winners!
    Keywords: Technical Analysis, Miss Dukascopy 2015, Contest, Community Stars, Poker Contest, Weekly Tasks, Dukascopy Winners, Miss Dukascopy Contest, Forex, Currencies, EUR/USD, USD/JCHF, Trading, FX Traders, Trader Contest, Automated FX Strategy, Forex News
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  • Midday Snapshot
    Midday Snapshot
    Fri, Oct 09, 12:53
    Find out how market players have managed to work out the rate shifts by noon GMT on this week’s last trading day. I`m Jessica Walker.
    Euro/Dollar has been moving higher and it stood point 68% in the green at 12 o’clock. Turnover is 40% up from the pair’s monthly average and the neutral sentiment is just 5% short. The bullish rate movement has provided plenty of chances for market players that had long positions.
    Pound/Dollar rose gradually, but a late slide has resulted in a slight loss. The Cable sees 24% more than average funds and the neutral sentiment of the traders is 7% short. Bulls had some opportunities during the early trading hours, but the late decline was good news for bears.
    Dollar/Yen has been heading up and it was point 31% up from the opening level at noon. Trading has been passive, volume is extremely low and the neutral sentiment of the traders is close to a balance. Bulls have been in better positions so far, but the calm trading should limit any moves in funds.
    Pound/Yen retreated slightly from the daily high, but it was still point 24% up from the opening level at midday. Traded volume is extremely low and most of the traders have been expecting the rate to move higher. Traders had plenty of chances during the uptrend that lasted for hours.
    Euro/Yen rose steeply and it was 1% in the green at 12 o’clock. Trading has been passive, volume is extremely low and the sentiment of the traders is strongly bearish, short positions dominate by 43%. Steep rise makes losses more likely for investors, but they should be cushioned by the slow trading.
    This was the 12 o`clock Midday Snapshot for Friday. Track the changes in trends throughout the day by clicking back for the hourly updates.
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  • Buying The Dream
    Press Review
    Fri, Oct 09, 11:26
    Ferrari prepares to go public but could the move stretch the boundaries of its exclusivity too far.
    Keywords: Ferrari, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, New York Stock Exchange, Sports Cars, Shares, Stocks, Ferrari IPO, VW Crisis
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  • Spike Controller
    Spike Controller
    Fri, Oct 09, 11:15
    The trading week is coming to an end, but don't let your guard down and keep checking your broker's price feed with the Primary Spike Controller. I'm Monica Gibson.
    Euro/Dollar’s daily average spread is point 29 pips and maximum separation has been 2.6 pips.
    Last 24 hours have been bullish for this pair, it has gained close to 1% or 111 pips to reach the high of 1 1349.
    The US jobless claims were out yesterday at a half past noon GMT and spreads were slightly elevated at this time, but 2.6 pips is the biggest separation you should have seen.
    The Cable’s long term average spread is slightly above 1 pip and maximum gap has been 8 pips.
    Yesterday’s slide was followed by a surge and Pound/Dollar appreciated by point 81% or 123 pips.
    Spreads were sent higher by the US Jobless claims release here as well, but anything far above the daily max of 8 pips should be questioned.
    Last up is the Dollar/Yen, which has long term average and maximum spreads of point 4 and 3.5 pips respectively.
    This pair rose from the low of 119 68, gaining a total of point 45% or 54 pips.
    The US FOMC Meeting Minutes have had the most pressure on the spreads for this pair, but 3.5 pips is the most you should have been charged during the last 24 hours.
    This was the main Spike controller for Friday, but you can track the latest developments by clicking back for the hourly updates.
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  • Investing In Yourself
    Fri, Oct 09, 10:38
    “If it came down between safety and investment performance, they’re going to take safety every time.” David Goodsell, Executive Director, Natixis.
    Keywords: NGAM, Natixis, Natixis Global Asset Management, Retirement, Investors, Common Investing Mistakes, Private Investors, Financial Advisors, Dukascopy TV, Interview, David Goodsell
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  • Trading Signals
    Trading Signals
    Fri, Oct 09, 09:03
    It's time for Friday's Primary Daily Trading Signals. I'm Louise McCauley with a closer look at the interbank sentiment and how it compares with the technical models at 8 AM GMT.
    There's green across the table for the Euro/Dollar, which sees 8 buy prompts in the short-term, 6 in the mid-term and 5 in the long-term, but the technical studies are not supported by the less than 9% long interbank stance.
    The Cable also sees bullish indicators prevailing across the table, with 4 on its short and long-term charts and 6 on its mid-term scale, but interbank points in the other direction as it is actually bearish at more than 15% short.
    Next up is the Dollar/Yen with 5 and 4 green models on its 1 and 4 hour charts, respectively. The 24-hour scale turns neutral with 4 indicators, but, in contrast, the interbank is strongly bearish at more than 44% short.
    Pound/Yen's hourly chart is divided between green and red models, and all 8 studies point North on its mid-term chart. The daily outlook is bullish as well, but the technical studies are not confirmed by the more than 22% short interbank.
    And Euro/Yen is overwhelmingly bullish in all three time ranges, with no less than 8 studies on its 1 and 4-hour charts and 5 on the 24-hour scale, but the interbank is neutral at less than 13% short and does not back up the technical models.
    You've been watching the Main Daily Trading Signals for Friday. Stay tuned for the hourly updates.
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  • Versace
    Geneva TV Show
    Fri, Oct 09, 08:40
    Learn about the glamorous fashion house of Versace, Xenya Cherny-Scanlon, Founder and CEO, green stilettos.
    Keywords: Versace, Gianni Versace, Donatella Versace, Medusa, Silk Prints, Golden Chains, Elizabeth Hurley’s Dress, Madonna, Elton John, Princess Diana, Armani, Milan Fashion Week, Italy, Fashion, Luxury, Trends, Style, Dress Code, Xenya Cherny-Scanlon, Founder And CEO, Green Stilettos, Dukascopy TV, Geneva, Interview
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  • Support and Resistance
    Support and Resistance
    Fri, Oct 09, 07:11
    It's time for this week's last Support and Resistance Level Report. I'm Jessica Walker and here's how our in-house model tests out this Friday.
    Euro/Dollar has been moving in waves, and it currently stands between R1 of 1 1320 and S1 of 1 1270.
    The upper and lower resistance lines have found 3 matches each, including Price Channel Indicator Upper Line for R3, and R2 counts Bollinger Upper Band among its 2 studies. S1 leads in support with 10 models, and S2 is a 50 day moving average with 7 matches. S3 is confirmed by Price Channel Indicator Lower Line, Bollinger Lower Band and 2 other studies.
    The Cable has seen its ups and downs, and it now has R1 of 1 5390 and S1 of 1 5350.
    R2 is backed up by a 100 day moving average, a psychological level and another model. R3 is Price Channel Indicator Upper Line with 2 matches, and the lowest resistance line has found a single confirmation. S3 is supported by Price Channel Indicator Lower Line, a 3 month low and 2 other studies, and S1 is a 150 day moving average with 3 confirmations, whereas S2 counts a 20 day moving average among its 3 matches.
    Next up is the Dollar/Yen, which is trading in the range limited by R1 of 120 10 and S1 of 119 80.
    R1 is well confirmed with 15 studies, including a 20 day moving average and a psychological level, and R3 is backed up by Price Channel Indicator Upper Line, a 50 day moving average and 3 other models. Bollinger Upper Band is among the 2 matches for R2. The highest support line sees 12 confirmations, and S2 counts Bollinger Lower Band among its 4 studies. S3 has found 3 matches, including Price Channel Indicator Lower Line.
    And Dollar/Swiss Franc finds itself below R1 of 0 9680 and above S1 of 0 9630.
    Standing at a 20 day moving average, R2 has found 11 matches, and the lowest resistance line sees 7 confirmations, while Bollinger Upper Band is among the 2 studies for R3. The upper two support lines have found 3 matches each, including Bollinger Lower Band for S1 and a 150 day moving average for S2. S3 is a psychological level with 2 confirmations.
    You've been watching the Support and Resistance Level Report for Friday. Check back in on Monday for the next overview. Goodbye.
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  • Economic Calendar
    Economic Calendar
    Fri, Oct 09, 06:00
    Hello, I'm Monica Gibson with another Dukascopy Economic Calendar. Here's a closer look at the most important news releases scheduled for Friday, the 9th of October.
    First up at 8:30 AM is the UK Trade Balance for August. Trade deficit widened in July as exports fell to their lowest level in almost five years.
    US Import Price Index for September comes at 12:30 PM GMT. The Index continued to decline in August, and, unsurprisingly, fuel prices were the main contributor.
    Canadian Labour Report for September is out at the same time, and it is of high importance to Loonie Dollar traders. Employment grew more than anticipated in August, and most of the growth was full-time work, although the unemployment rate went up as well.
    And US Wholesale Inventories for August conclude the schedule at 2. The July data surprised on the upside, as inventories decreased for the first time in two years.
    You've been watching the Economic Calendar for Friday. Check back in for the next overview of key events for Monday. Goodbye.
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  • The Lonely Voter
    Phone Interview
    Thu, Oct 08, 15:58
    Doesn't rising wage growth and strong consumer spending point to a rise? Nick Stamenkovic, Ria Capital Markets.
    Keywords: UK, BOE, MPC,  Ian McCafferty, 8-1, Policy, FOMC, ECB, Dukascopy TV, Monetary Policy, Rate Rise
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  • Movers and Shakers
    Movers and Shakers
    Thu, Oct 08, 15:53
    Hello, I’m Monica Gibson and these are the Movers and Shakers for Thursday, 8th of October.
    The day’s biggest move is a decline of point 64% and it’s posted by Sterling/Swissie, which had the sharpest slide starting at approximately 6:40 in the morning.
    Swiss unemployment rate increased slightly, in line with expectations and Swiss Franc tops the advancers and decliners table, standing point 23% up from the Single currency.
    Then there’s a batch of currencies trading in an extremely narrow range. Canadian housing starts and new home price index both surprised on the upside and Loonie Dollar is close to level with the Kiwi Dollar.
    Safe-haven Japanese Yen is a fraction up from the Australian Dollar and the Buck, which is mostly lower, even though the US jobess claims declined more than estimated.
    Bank of England monetary policy makers announced no change, signalling there is room to keep rate at a record low and Sterling wraps up the advancers and decliners table.
    Let’s find out where the 8 majors stand in longer terms. New Zealand/Yen has appreciated the most over a week and it’s up by more than 3%. Euro/New Zealand is the top decliner and it has a lost a total of 2.43%.
    New Zealand/Yen leads the monthly bulls table and it has gained 4.69%. Sterling/New Zealand is the most bearish pair and it’s down by 4.83%.
    This wraps up Thursday’s Movers and Shakers report. We’ll be back tomorrow with this week’s last overview, but for now, goodbye.
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  • Uncertainty Is High
    Phone Interview
    Thu, Oct 08, 15:34
    Are we going to see Swiss Inflation turn positive anytime soon? The short answer is no. Alexis Bill Körber, BAK Basel Economics
    Keywords: Switzerland, CHF, France, Unemployment Rate, Inflation Rate, Steady, SNB, Appreciation, Commodity, Prices, Economy, Federal Reserve, Rate Hike, Pressure, Alexis Bill Körber, BAK Basel Economics
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  • Sentiment to Prevail
    Commodities Corner
    Thu, Oct 08, 14:11
    Short, medium and long-term outlook for gold. Alastair McCaig, IG.
    Keywords: Gold, XAU, USD, Rate Hike, Commodities, FX, FX Trading, FX Broker, Safe-Haven, Precious Metals, Bearish Outlook.
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  • Alternative Nobel Prize
    Thu, Oct 08, 13:02
    The process for selecting the recipients of the 2015 Right Livelihood Award. Ole von Uexküll, Executive Director of Right Livelihood Award Foundation
    Keywords: Alternative, Nobel Prize, Foundation, Working Solutions, Geneva, Right Livelihood Award, David Suzuki, Vandana Shiva, Human Rights Activists, US Whistleblowers, Dan Ellsberg, Edward Snowden, Swedish Parliament, Stockholm Urgent Challenges
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  • Midday Snapshot
    Midday Snapshot
    Thu, Oct 08, 12:58
    Morning session is over on this Thursday so let’s see how market players have performed so far. I`m Sinead MacLaughlin and you’re watching the Midday Snapshot.
    Euro/Dollar was mostly trending higher and it was point 36% in the green at noon as it retreated from the daily high. Traded volume is average and the neutral sentiment is 11% short. Uptrend has brought plenty of chances for those who had long positions.
    Pound/Dollar’s rise was followed by a drop, which has resulted in a slight loss. The Cable sees 20% less than typical funds and the bullish sentiment is 15% long. Traders had their chances during the rise, but the following drop was bad news.
    Dollar/Yen rose from the daily low of 119 63 and it was back near the opening level at midday. Traded volume is average and sentiment of the traders is bullish, 22% long. Shifting trend means success of the traders depends on the time when the trades were executed.
    Pound/Yen rose to the high of 184 14 before dropping by 90 pips and it was point 21% in the red at noon. Trading has been slow here, volume is extremely low and the neutral sentiment is 3% short. Changing trend has provided both sides with their chances, but any moves in funds should be limited by the passive trading.
    Euro/Yen has been mostly moving higher and it was point 3% up from the opening level at 12 o’clock. Turnover is almost double of what this pair usually attracts and most of the traders have been forecasting the rate to move lower. Uptrend makes losses more likely for investors.
    This was the Midday Snapshot for Thursday. Stay tuned for the hourly updates to track the latest changes in trader performance.
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  • Project Execution
    Thu, Oct 08, 11:46
    What role does coaching play in project success? Bill Zeeb, Senior Partner at Infinitas SA.
    Keywords: Execution, Project Execution, , Accelerating Success, Accelerating Team Launch, Documentation, Project Definition Rules, Business Leaders, Large Scale Projects, Kaizen Events, Multi-Generational Project Plans, Improvements, Organizations, Growth, Economic Speed Up, Lean Six Sigma, Transformation, Business Excellence, Leadership Alignment, Engagement, Company Culture
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