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Dukascopy tv - infinite broadcasting

Dukascopy TV was founded in 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland by Swiss Forex Bank Dukascopy. With a focus on finance, Dukascopy TV maintains a number of partnerships with companies and individuals who contribute to the network.

Dukascopy Bank strongly believes effective regulation is the cornerstone of the financial sector. Dukascopy TV shares this belief, so it acquired an official Swiss TV license soon after launching.

As an international TV station, we speak 9 languages, offering a variety of programming across the board.

Our international team of journalists, video producers, and graphic designers produces a variety of reports on a daily basis. They range from technical Forex bulletins to interviews with financial experts, exciting Fintech and the latest developments in the Crypto world.

Alongside Dukascopy Banks innovative products such as Dukascoin. Dukascopy TV aims to innovate and create world-class content with experts from all over the world on all kinds of subjects that will both educate and inform our viewers.