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12 February 2016
Beware of reduced liquidity on Monday 15 February due to US market closure on Presidents day.
• Regular trading hours
• Trading stops at 18:00 GMT on Monday 15 February
• Markets re-open at 23:00 GMT on Monday 15 February
• Trading stops at 18:00 GMT on Monday 15 February for the USA30.IDX/USD, USATECH.IDX/USD, USA500.IDX/USD
• Markets re-open at 7:00 GMT on Tuesday 16 February
• Trading stops at 18:00 GMT on Monday 15 February for the JPN.IDX/JPY
• Markets re-open at 1:00 GMT on Tuesday 16 February
• Trading stops at 18:00 GMT on Monday 15 February for the LIGHT.CMD/USD
• Markets re-open at 23:00 GMT on Monday 15 February 

05 February 2016
Dukascopy TV on Android Smart TV
Dukascopy TV application now supports Android Smart TV. Dukascopy TV is one of the richest sources of Forex-related shows, with daily broadcasts that you can watch on your Android Smart TV. Dukascopy TV provides access to daily news releases, technical and fundamental analysis of market trends, and much more.
Click here for more information and download link.

Apple TV version is under development and will be available shortly. 

05 February 2016
Market closures during Chinese New Year

Regular trading hours
Beware of reduced liquidity for USDCNH and HKD instruments during Chinese New Year celebrations next week.


Regular trading hours

Trading remains closed on Monday 8 February, Tuesday 9 February and 10 February for the HKD.IDX/HKD

The Market re-opens at 1:30 GMT on Thursday 11 February

20 January 2016
Online media license of Dukascopy TV

Dukascopy TV has received a license of Federal Office of Communications from Swiss state regulator OFCOM. As such, Dukascopy TV is now officially recognized as a Swiss Financial Television channel: http://www.bakom.admin.ch/...

Full text is HERE

15 January 2016
Martin Luther King day

Beware of reduced liquidity on Monday 18 January due to US market closure on Martin Luther King holiday.

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12 January 2016
Reduction of maximum leverage on USD/CNH exposures

Due to the current high volatility and low liquidity on USD/CNH, there is an increasing risk of significant price gaps, which may cause negative equity on client accounts. Because of that Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy Europe are forced to reduce maximum leverage for exposures on USD/CNH to 1:10 as of 15 January 2016 at 11:00 GMT.

Traders are invited to estimate their margin usage at the moment that the leverage reduction on USD/CNH will be applied and adjust their exposure if needed.

Please note that for all accounts where there is no such USD/CNH exposure the lower maximum leverage will be applied today, 12 January 2016.

Please further note that Swaps in USD/CNH have seen a dramatic price shift from less than 10 pips last week to above 100 pips as of today (for long USD positions).

5 January 2016
FINMA's Christmas circular
FINMA opens the discussion on online client identification through the Internet and declares its support of FinTech.

FINMA's initiative is a great Christmas present for the finance industry. It is definitely positive, long-awaited by the professional community and has been widely supported by the press. L'Agefi, Bilan, Le Temps and Finnews initiated the public discussion of this topic a year ago. 

French version (pdf)
German version (pdf)

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28 December 2015
Holidays in Russia

Please beware of holidays affecting trading of the Russian Ruble in coming days. As of Thursday 31 December and until Monday 11 January markets in Russia will celebrate New Year and Christmas holidays. This will lead to reduced liquidity where prices of the RUB may be very wide or become unavailable altogether.

Please further note that RUB has no value date from 31.12 to 8.01. On positions that are kept open during 22:00 GMT settlement on Tuesday 29 December a 12-day rollover will be applied.

We recommend to close existing positions and refrain from trading RUB over the holiday period.

11 December 2015
Market closures on Christmas and New Year

The detailed market closures for FX, Bullion and CFD markets can be found here.

Please beware of low liquidity throughout the Christmas and New Year period.

Please note that weekend leverage will be applied as of 18:00 GMT on 24.December and at 18:00 GMT on 31.December. All markets will remain closed on Friday 1. January 2016.

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27 November 2015
Swiss Forex app on Android Smartwatch

Shortly after the iOS update, it is now the Android version of Dukascopy’s Swiss Forex app that has been modified to support Android Smartwatch. It allows easy access to the main features of the smartphone application: quotes list (customizable from main application) and details with bid/ask, spread and daily high / low, charts, latest news (Forex, Finance, Stock, Commodities) and watchface quotes.

Click here for more information and download link.

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