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Visual JForex Features

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Easy Development and Understanding
Learn to build an automated strategy in 30 minutes! Visual JForex has effective and intuitive GUI functionality most of the work is done with a couple of mouse clicks.
Simplicity of use
Visual JForex allows you to drag and drop necessary components for building new ones very quickly.
Generate JForex API Strategy Code
It is possible to generate JForex strategy code from your visual strategy. Advanced developers may use this feature to improve the performance of the strategy and novice coders can study JForex API.
Strategy Debug and Control on Historical Tester
Pause the running strategy at any time or component to look up the values or to find mistakes.
On the fly monitoring
Visual JForex shows direction, or 'flow', of the algorithm. You can see what is happening within the strategy, without having to stop or pause it. You can look up the value of any variable by dragging it to the screen.
See Other Strategies Examples
You can download other strategy algorithms from Visual JForex and play around with them.
Standard Appearance
Strategies built in Visual JForex have a standard appearance so the way they work is easy to understand.
Use Existing Strategies
Use the strategy database to create an ultimate trading strategy, combining different components.
Convert Strategies to Components
Build new components from any visual strategy and use them to create more complex strategies.


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