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Dukascopy TV Widget

Dukascopy TV can be displayed as a customizable video widget on your financial portal, web-site or web-blogs. The users of video widget are able to enjoy the following advantages:

  • High quality video content on your website
  • Fully customizable content
  • Financial industry headliners speak on markets directly from Geneva, London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc.
  • Scheduled programs on various topics
  • Automated video updates
  • Dukascopy trading platform tutorial
  • No registration required
  • No pop-ups or ads
  • Flexible screen partitioning for seamless installation
  • Easy website installation

TV Widget Settings

Width (300px - 1920px) By changing the width of the display screen you can determine your desired resolution on your website. Height is automatically adjusted from the set width according to a ratio of 16:9.
Height (auto)

Language Select language in which to display the playlist.

Content Settings Content settings allows you to choose all of Dukascopy TV's content (by selecting 'latest uploads') or one of several playlist categories.

Custom Content settings Configure You are able to customise the Dukascopy video playlist on your website by choosing any number of specific programmes provided by Dukascopy TV.

Custom playlist Configure You are able to customize the Dukascopy video playlist on your website by choosing any number of videos provided by Dukascopy TV. Save generated key to access your playlist.

Video ID You are able to play one video provided by Dukascopy TV by entering video ID.

Player watermark Insert image URL link which will be shown in the player's right corner. Best will be image with transparancy (PNG or GIF). Image size should not exceed 250x70 pixels.

Visible playlist Your customised playlist will be visible at the top of the Dukascopy TV player's interface.


Custom Content settings

  1. #Dukascopy
  2. Community Contests
  3. Managed Accounts
  4. Music
  5. Social
  6. Interviews
  7. Webinars
  8. Forecasts
  9. EXPOS
  10. Target In Focus
  11. Market Glance
  12. FX Cartoons
  13. Commodities Corner
  14. Forex Today
  15. Speaker's Corner
  16. Geneva Forex Event
  17. Yamato nadeshiko girls
  18. Fashion
  19. Forex Lingo Show
  20. Market Freakcap
  21. Cuisine
  22. Press Review
  23. Industry Catch-Up
  24. Geneva TV Show
  25. Investments
  26. DC Website Manuals
  27. JForex
  28. Economic Calendar
  29. Trading Signals
  30. Support and Resistance
  31. Spike Controller
  32. Midday Snapshot
  33. Movers and Shakers
  34. Indexes and Commodities
  35. Trader of the Month
  36. Sentiment Index
  37. Trader's Horoscope

Custom playlist

Save this key for further playlist modifications.
Search for video: click video to add it


Any invitee, participant or attendee to events/shows/interviews organised by DUKASCOPY Group's entities accepts that he/she may be interviewed (including by phone or by other electronic means), filmed or taken in picture during such events by DUKASCOPY Group's entities or by anyone in or outside its studios.

Invitees, participants or attendees agree with the use/duplication/transmission/diffusion/display/posting or other public use of images, photographs, audio files, videos, films, voice records, pictures to the widest extent and through any possible channels of communication including but not limited to television, Internet, etc. by DUKASCOPY Group's entities or by third parties without any remuneration whatsoever.

Invitees, participants or attendees acknowledge and agree that DUKASCOPY Group's entities shall be neither responsible nor liable when such images, photographs, audio files, videos, films, voice records, pictures, etc. are used/duplicated/transmitted/displayed/posted/disseminated by third parties including on the Internet.

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