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CFD Monthly Adjustment

CFDs offered by Dukascopy Bank for BRENT.CMD/USD (UK Brent Oil), LIGHT.CMD/USD (US Crude Oil), GAS.CMD/USD (Natural Gas), COPPER.CMD/USD (High Grade Copper) are non-expiring spot traded OIL, Gas, Copper derivatives. The spot prices of Dukascopy Bank CFDs on oil, gas, copper are influenced by the prices of futures of the corresponding commodities which are traded on the exchanges. Due to this influence an adjustment is done one day prior to the expiry date of the WTI, Brent crude oil, Natural gas and Copper future contracts. At 13:30 GMT summer / 14:30 GMT winter time on the respective days Dukascopy Bank determines and publishes the adjustment rate for the concerned CFD.



Depending on the direction of the client position this may be a credit or a debit. On the same day at 18:30 GMT summer / 19:30 GMT winter client accounts will be adjusted according to the published adjustment rates. Clients willing to avoid adjustment rates should close their positions in BRENT.CMD/USD (UK Brent Oil), LIGHT.CMD/USD (US Crude Oil), GAS.CMD/USD (Natural Gas) or COPPER.CMD/USD (High Grade Copper) prior to 18:30 GMT summer / 19:30 GMT winter time.

On the adjustment day, trading of BRENT.CMD/USD, LIGHT.CMD/USD, GAS.CMD/USD or COPPER.CMD/USD will be stopped at 18:30 GMT summer / 19:30 GMT winter. Trading of BRENT.CMD/USD will resume at 00:00 GMT summer / 01:00 GMT winter; trading of LIGHT.CMD/USD, GAS.CMD/USD, COPPER.CMD/USD will resume at 22:00 GMT summer / 23:00 GMT winter.

Prior to November 26, 2014 Dukascopy Bank has applied an adjustment which was equal to the average weighted rate used by Dukascopy Bank's liquidity providers.


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