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Open Live Trading Account (Forex/CFD, Binaries)

In order to start trading financial instruments on-line with Dukascopy Bank, you have to follow an easy step-by-step procedure:

  1. Register on-line and get the account opening documentation.
  2. Fill in the papers, sign and send them to Dukascopy Bank.
  3. Fund your account and receive your login/password.

Attention: Dukascopy Bank SA opens accounts for non-Swiss residents with minimum deposit of USD 5,000. Also, documents should be sent by post, courier or delivered in person to Dukascopy Bank’s office. ECN accounts with the minimum deposit of USD 100 and fully online account opening procedure are available for the clients of Dukascopy Europe, an EU subsidiary of Dukascopy Bank SA. (Read more)


You may apply for account online - just fill in the registration form by performing the following STEPS

Register now

Caution: If you already have Live account with Dukascopy and you would like to start using new instruments, e.g. CFDs or Binary Options, filling the registration form again is not necessary. Please contact your Account Manager at Dukascopy instead.


Upon acceptance of your account opening documentation, you will be provided with your account number and Dukascopy Bank details. The minimum amount of the initial deposit for non-Swiss residents is USD 5,000 or its equivalent in other currencies. When making your payment, please indicate your account number.

How to fund your account


Note: Please name your Introducing Agent (if any) in the initial step at the time of applying for your live account. It will not be possible to add such Agent after the approval of your account opening request by Dukascopy Bank.

If you wish to contact us regarding account opening, please use the following contact details:[email protected],: +41 22 799 4888. Feel free ask for a call-back.

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