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Binaries Fee Structure

In order to enter into binary option contracts, the client shall pay a premium which corresponds to the contract size. The premium is automatically debited by Dukascopy Bank from the client account, prior to opening any option contract for the client. If the funds on the client's account are insufficient to pay the premium, Dukascopy Bank automatically adjusts the contract size and/or rejects the client order(s).
Dukascopy Bank does not charge any additional fees other than the premium for entering into binary options contracts. However, the client understands and accepts that the market spread between the BID and the ASK price which exists for all tradable instruments negatively influences the probability of a gain.  It should be noted that, in the case of Up option, the strike price of the option is based on the ASK but the relevant price at the maturity of the option, which determines if the option is In or Out-of-the-money, is the BID price. Inversely, for a Down option, the strike is based on the BID and the determining price at the maturity of the option is the ASK price. This means that, in order to be In-the-money, the price of the underlying shall move in the forecast direction more than the spread size.


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