• Left side analysis:

    indicators: MACD(12,26,9), price patterns.

    please look the below pictrue, the MACD is devergence with down trend and there is a failed wave 5(use the time to deplete the price space.).
    so this tell me that the down trend has end.

  • Dight side analysis:

    indicators: Fibonacci Ratios Retracement

    first, there is a powerful impulse wave of up trend, this is very important. and wave B is fullback 50% to before impulse wave.
    the price up to point A level after wave B then fullback 50% of the space of AB.
    the 80 is the price of down trend wave 4

  • TP analysis:

    indicators: Fibonacci Ratios Retracement/Extension, Harmonic Patterns

    the 0.618 Retracement of down trend is 85:
    the 1.272 Extension of wave A is 84.9:
    the price of Patterns AB=CD is 84.7.

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