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В этой статье решил описать одну из интересных возможностей торгового терминала JForex - Аналитический Виджет поиска паттернов.
Одним из наиболее популярных видов анализа рынка Форекс и других рынков является Графический анализ. Внутри графического анализа можно выделить такое направление анализа как поиск фигур и паттернов на ценовых графиках. Поиск и идентификация фигур графического анализа является весьма сложным и очень затратным занятием по количеству потраченного на это времени.
На помощь в этом не легком вопросе может прийти замечательный инструмент уже встроенный в платформу JForex, который в режиме онлайн может находить и распознавать графические фигуры анализа на всех доступных к торговле инструментах. Нам с Вами остается лишь запустить встроенный в платформу аналитический виджет – как показано на рисунке :
После нажатия на кнопку запуска виджета нам будет предложено согласиться с «Ограничением ответственности при использовании виджета анализа паттернов 1.0»:
После согласия виджет начнет сканировать все доступные инструменты на наличие графических фигур. Мы увидим примерно такой результат поиска:
перейти на первый найденный паттерн можно кнопкой GO – в результате мы сраз…
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anvifx avatar
anvifx yesterday at 14:03 GMT

well done !!

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The Head and Shoulders pattern is reversal pattern that used to enter a bearish position after a bullish trend, a bullish position after a bearish trend. It consists of 3 types of tops with highest in the middle is called head, left side is called left shoulder and right side is called right shoulder. If the candle breaks the neckline and closes below candle, then pattern has completed.

Head and Shoulders (Bullish and Bearish) rules. When we must open position
1. The left shoulder is set at the end of a precious advance. This movement usually occurs in a high-volume period. After Move up, the price drops to some extent to create a side.
2. After the maturity of the left shoulder, the price reaches a higher level than the left shoulder peak. Then, like the left shoulder, the price move again and falls less. The side should be at the same level as the previous side at the end of the left shoulder formation.
3. In general, the right shoulder is created in the left shoulder and lower volume. The main purpose of the right shoulder is lower the main head.
4. Now the Head and Shoulders model has been created.
5. When we finish all off this rules, we are waiting t…
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CTygeHT avatar
CTygeHT yesterday at 16:57 GMT

good job

cashshark avatar
cashshark yesterday at 16:59 GMT

Great Article

Mepcuk avatar
Mepcuk yesterday at 17:08 GMT

Good article!

DimaBLR avatar
DimaBLR yesterday at 21:43 GMT

good job

Valeria_Lera avatar
Valeria_Lera yesterday at 22:08 GMT

well done, very useful to know!!

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Hello friends, last month i came with the article forex style and attitude,this month i m going to focus on how to exit the trade successfully
Lets start...
What is the hardest decision you have to make on any given trade? If you said the trade exit, you are correct and if you’ve traded for any length of time, you already knew that was the answer
To be clear, ‘trade exits’ means managing your stop loss and profit target as the trade unfolds. This can be a very tricky topic to tackle, because it is ‘tricky’ in reality, to put it nicely, as you probably already know. So, let’s dive into what I consider to be the best way to exit your trades after they are live in order to maximize profits and minimize losses…
Why are trade exits so difficult?!Mentally, people make trade exits much more complicated than they ever need to be. They give into greed, they freak out and close trades out prematurely, they don’t give them time to work out, they don’t have a plan etc. These are some of the reasons why trade exits are hard for most people. The two most important things to realize, and what many traders have a lot of trouble accepting, is the following…
1. You are NEVER going to get EVERY pip o…
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anvifx avatar
anvifx yesterday at 14:05 GMT


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Рост цент на нефть и прочие топливно-энергетические ресурсы оказывает непосредственное влияние на экономику. Цены на нефть изменяют модель поведения предприятий в производственном секторе. При сильном росте цен на топливо и энергоресурсы предприятия пытаются максимально снизить их использование, что в конечном итоге ведет к снижению объема производства.
Стоимость энергоресурсов закладывается в себестоимость продукции и если уровень себестоимости в общем объеме выручки увеличивается, то снижается уровень рентабельности, а значит и эффективность деятельность организации.

Чтобы улучшить свое положение предприятия прибегают:

- к увеличению цен на продукцию (что не выгодно, т.к. падает конкурентоспособность);
- к снижению предложения труда (в масштабах страны - это рост безработицы);
- к экономии по заработной плате;
- к уменьшению выпуска продукции.
Но основное направление осуществляется в снижении затрат на производство продукции. Потребитель также как и производитель с ростом цен на топливо старается максимально снизить потребление, это особенно касается бензина, что в конечном счете ведет к снижению спроса.
Источник: Bureau of Labor Statistics.
На рисунке 1 показано, что в среднем…
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anvifx avatar
anvifx 13 July

good one !!!

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Trading and Investment
So, you decided you want to trade the markets, currencies and stocks. Knowing what time of the day to trade is crucial, especially when you’re making trades early in your investing career. The markets trading hours is one of the frequently asked questions. Even I read somewhere that if you want to become a successful trader, you have to move to the time zone which is more convenient to trade during the most important trading hours. This is really interesting. You want to become a trader to be your own boss and work and make money from the comfort of your home. Now, all of a sudden, some people suggest you to migrate to another time zone. Now... before you read the rest of my article of this Month July 2018, make sure to check others in different articles especially some articles in you might have great results over your trades. Let’s learn what the markets’ hours are and then decide to choose the best one. This is true that the currency market is open 24 hours per day and 5 days per week (it opens on Sunday afternoon at 5 pm Eastern time and closes on Friday afternoon at 5 pm Eastern time). But there ism…
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vap61 avatar
vap61 13 July

отлично,ясно,доходчиво,познавательно,автору лайк!))

llolor avatar
llolor 13 July

Well done

Dominos avatar
Dominos 13 July

good job

salamandra avatar
salamandra 14 July

good job

wael1z1z avatar
wael1z1z 15 July

Good work

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The unity of this article is to point out the similarities between large market selloffs in different timeframes in FX markets.I will try to inform you,the reader,common features of these events,a ‘sixth sense’ understanding of them,and to make sure you profit the most out of them.
Do these charts look familiar to you? Do you see any resemblance in them?
People say history doesn’t repeat itself,but it tends to rhyme.That is what happens with moments I like to call price waterfalls.A price waterfall is a continuous selloff of the markets usually as a result of a change in fundamentals,although multiple factors are involved.Price waterfalls are not a feature of only one market i.e they come in different shapes and sizes,but they behave in a similar way.It is a strange thing to say that markets ‘behave’.We need to consider that people are participants of markets and their behaviour reflects market prices.Therefore people’s behaviour in deteriorating conditions hasn’t changed much during the years.After all,large profits can be made during large selloffs.
What do these events have most in common?Lets have a look at them.
PHASE 1: A top
A top is a process,not a bar on the chart and…
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anvifx avatar
anvifx 9 July

great article !! thanks for sharing

AAAnya avatar
AAAnya 9 July

thanks for the article!

kettle avatar
kettle 10 July

great article !

nhamfx16 avatar
nhamfx16 10 July

Good article



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In the previous article: Learning R: Introduction , we have prepared our environment to work with R.
We will continue in this article by a demonstration of some capabilities of this powerful language.
We will download from Yahoo finance daily data of the Russell 2000 symbol ^RUT, then we will create a chart for this index , then we will add some technical analysis studies.
1. Create a new project in Rstudio.
Open your Rstudio ,
go to file > New Project
Choose New Directory
Choose New Project
In Directory name tape Russell and click create project.
2.Exploring the new project
In the picture bellow we have 4 regions:
Region 1: in this window we will write the code to be executed by the program.
Region 2: The console where you will see the execution of your code, the results and the errors.
Region 3: we will be interested by the panel Environment that shows the objects the code create.
Region 4 : we are interested in the panel files to see the files that the code create and the panel Packages to install R packages.
3. Installing the quantmod package
A package is a collection of code created par other programmers and made available for the community. In our case the quantmod…
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anvifx avatar
anvifx 9 July

Really good information !!

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AAAnya 9 July


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