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Rozsah trhů

Dukascopy nabízí CFD na Bitcoin a Ether.

Instrument Měna Minimální velikost kontraktu Min pohyb Pip hodnota*
BTC/USD Bitcoin 0.2 0.1 1.00 USD
ETH/USD Ether 1 0.1 1.00 USD
LTC/USD Litecoin 10 1.0 1.00 USD
  • *Hodnota pipu je první číslo před čárkou v cenové nabídce:
    BTC/USD 11309.3; 11409.8
    ETH/USD 222.2; 232.6
    LTC/USD 43.0; 44.0

Obchodní obd

CFDs on cryptocurrencies (BTC/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/USD) are traded on a 24/7 basis (including weekends).

CFDs trading on cryptocurrencies offered by Dukascopy might not be possible for a certain period(s) of time on Saturday and Sunday due to technical maintenance. Pending orders, margin cut trades will be triggered once maintenance is done.

In case where a client is unable to close his exposure on the trading platform please call +371 67 399 039


Settlement procedure for trading profit / loss is done 5 days per week from Monday until Friday. All trades executed on Saturday and Sunday on BTC/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/USD are settled on the following Monday at 21:00/22:00 GMT (summer/winter). Please find more details related to settlement here

For related questions please contact the Client's Live trading support on the following e-mail: [email protected]


Dukascopy's CFDs prices on cryptocurrencies are unique and based on its ability to hedge Dukascopy positions with external counterparties. Each client is able to affect the price and liquidity by placing his own BIDs and OFFERs. Dukascopy is counterparty for each transaction and may hedge it with other clients or with external trading counterparties.

Dukascopy CFD prices on cryptocurrencies are neither legally nor economically a derivative of the hedging instrument.

Dukascopy's CFDs prices on cryptocurrencies shall not be considered as precise price information obtained directly from the exchange and/or the trademark owner of the hedging instrument.

Due to limited ability to hedge its positions with external counterparties Dukascopy does not permanently guarantee trade execution. In a case if client willing to close exposure and can't do it from trading platform please call trading desk +371 67 399 039

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