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Open DEMO account (Forex & CFD )

The DEMO Trading Platform is a full replication of the Live SWFX – Swiss FX Marketplace (same functionalities and same data feed). Orders given through a DEMO trading account are executed in a fictitious manner on the basis of SWFX – Swiss Forex Marketplace real market data. The main features of the trading services:

  • Security of the funds
  • Tight Spreads, starting from 0.1 on EUR/USD
  • ECN-liquidity (100 – 200 Mio. on Majors)
  • Instant execution
  • No price and execution manipulations
  • Equal prices and liquidity for all clients

To open a DEMO account for a period of 14 days please follow the instructions below.

Forex/CFD ECN demo account registration


 JForex Strategy Contest Registration

The DEMO contest of automated JForex strategies is a unique opportunity to learn programming on JForex platform by looking at examples of published strategies. The contest is arranged on a regular monthly basis with 10 prizes of total $15000. The registration opens on the 1st and remains available until the 15th day of the respective month. Learn more…

Register Now

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