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CFD Dividend Adjustment

Positions in Index CFDs are subject to possible dividend adjustments. A dividend adjustment is applied when a position passes its ex-dividend date meaning when a position is left open at settlement time of previous trading day.

For long positions, the dividend adjustment is credited to the client's account, in the case of short positions, the dividend adjustment is debited from the client’s account. The values in the columns Long and Short in the widget below show the amount of dividends in the quote currency of the corresponding CFD instrument paid/charged per 1 contract.

In the event of a dividend payment on a single stock CFD, the economic effect of the corporate action for CFD holders will be generally reflected as if they had been holding the underlying security. Dividends are booked on the ex-date and payed on the pay-date reflecting the withholding tax rate adjustment for the underlying CFD. For German single stock CFDs a client will receive 73.625% of the dividend on long position and pay 100% on short position.

The Dividend Adjustment Calendar shows the dividend adjustments which will be done on ex-dividend date. The values published up to one week prior to the ex-dividend date are forecasts and may be subject to change.