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Range of markets

Dukascopy offers CFDs on Bitcoin and Ether.

Instrument Description Minimum contract size Min trade step Pip value
BTC/USD Bitcoin 0.2 0.1 1.00 USD
ETH/USD Ether 1 0.1 1.00 USD

Pip value is the first number before comma in a price quote:
BTC/USD 11309.3; 11409.8
ETH/USD 222.2; 232.6

Trading hours

CFDs on cryptocurrencies are traded on a 24 hour basis without interruption, from Sunday, 21:00 GMT during Summer Time (22:00 GMT during Winter Time) until Friday, 20:00 GMT during Summer Time/ Winter Time.

Warning: Dukascopy does not provide quotes on cryptocurrencies on weekends. To avoid weekend gaps all client positions of cryptocurrencies are closed every Friday at 20:00 GMT Winter/ Summer Time.

Attention: CFDs trading on cryptocurrencies offered by Dukascopy will not be possible from Friday, 20:00 GMT during Summer Time/ Winter Time until Sunday, 21:00 GMT during Summer Time (22:00 GMT during Winter Time). Pending orders, margin cut trades and other orders will not be triggered, no execution is done during above mentioned time.


Dukascopy Europe receives and transmits clients' cryptocurrency CFD orders to Dukascopy Bank SA for execution. Dukascopy Bank's CFDs prices on cryptocurrencies are unique and based on its ability to hedge Dukascopy positions with external counterparties. Each client is able to affect the price and liquidity by placing his own BIDs and OFFERs. Dukascopy is counterparty for each transaction and may hedge it with other clients or with external trading counterparties.

The price of Dukascopy CFD is not necessarily equal to the price of the hedging instrument used by Dukascopy Bank, if any. Dukascopy CFD prices on cryptocurrencies are neither legally neither economically the derivative from the hedging instrument. CFD prices at Dukascopy are not a propagation of the prices from the exchanges where hedging/underlying instrument is traded and should not be considered as information from a particular exchange.

Dukascopy CFDs prices on cryptocurrencies shall not be considered as precise price information obtained directly from the exchange and/or the trademark owner of the hedging instrument.

WARNING: Due to limited ability to hedge its positions with external counterparties Dukascopy does not permanently guarantee trade execution during trading hours. In such cases where client is willing to close exposure he is required to call support.