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Business Introducers Program

The "Business Introducer Program" is an opportunity for both individuals and companies to receive a commission for reffering clients to Dukascopy Europe IBS AS.

You can earn up to 50% of Dukascopy Europe IBS AS's commissions generated by the clients referred by you.

Any individual or organisation with contacts in the FX trading community can become a successful Forex "Business Introducer".

Attention: Attractive conditions, provided by Dukascopy Europe, will ease the way to success:

  • minimum deposit of 100 USD
  • simplified procedure of the account opening
  • leverage up to 1:30

Please note that Dukascopy Europe IBS AS will conduct a screening process in order to ascertain whether it can enter into a business relation with a certain individual or corporation. In addition, specific restrictions may apply in some jurisdictions.

Dukascopy Europe IBS AS is free to accept or decline any application and shall by no means be liable for any costs, fees, expenses and/or any disbursements either voluntarily consented or required by any applicable laws or regulations in relation with your application and activity as a Business Introducer.

How to become a Business Introducer?

In order to become a Business Introducer for Dukascopy Europe IBS AS, you need to go through a simple procedure, consisting of three easy steps:

1. Apply for the Business Introducer Programme by simply filling out this REGISTRATION FORM

If you have a web source that you would like to promote, don't forget to mention it in the registration form. It will simplify the procedure of identifying the clients referred to Dukascopy Europe IBS AS through you.

Attention: Remember that the use of domain names containing the word "Dukascopy", or any other reminiscent name is strictly prohibited and may result in a denial of acceptance of a potential partner as an Business Introducer, and may lead to legal action.

2. Receive your unique BI-ID

Once your application form has been received by Dukascopy Europe IBS AS, you will receive your BI-ID (Business Introducer Identification Data). It is the code which is used by our system in order to indentify clients you have referred to us. Always mention it in the referral links used by your contacts, or simply ask your contacts to mention your BI-ID when they register to open an account. 

Attention: Receiving a BI-ID and getting access to the BI Web Entry (see below) does not mean that you have been accepted by Dukascopy Europe IBS AS as a Business Introducer, but is merely evidence that the screening process has started. Please note that no commission rebates shall be granted by Dukascopy Europe IBS AS to clients introduced by you nor shall any amount be paid to you by Dukascopy Europe IBS AS as long as you haven't been accepted as a Business Introducer. Since Dukascopy Europe IBS AS cannot guarantee that applicant Business Introducers will be finally accepted, applicants are advised not to introduce any clients or to promise any commission rebates until Dukascopy Europe IBS AS confirms they have been accepted as a Business Introducer.

3. Get access to BI Web Entry

This protected web page provides you with statistics and reports about your activity as a Business Introducer. You will be able to follow your income as part of Dukascopy Europe IBS AS's commission. Moreover, you will find different promotional tools useful for your activity.

BI Web Entry

To learn more about Business Introducer and other trading related information, please write us: send us a message, call us: +371 67 399 000 or alternatively ask for a call-back.