Dukascopy Bank SA

Company and Group Overview

Dukascopy Bank is a Swiss innovative online bank based in Geneva, Switzerland, providing Internet based and mobile trading services (with focus on foreign exchange, bullion, CFD and binaries), banking and other financial services through proprietary technological solutions.

The company has been founded on 2 November 2004 in Geneva by Andre and Veronika Duka, Swiss nationals residing in Geneva who still own 99% of the company.

Dukascopy Bank je regulována švýcarským úřadem pro dohled nad finančním trhem FINMA jako banka a společnost s cennými papíry.

Dukascopy Bank fully owns Dukascopy Europe IBS AS, European licensed brokerage company based in Riga and Dukascopy Japan, a Type-1 licensed broker located in Tokyo. In addition to its Geneva Headquarters, Dukascopy Bank has offices in Dubai, Riga, Kyiv, Moscow and Hong Kong. Currently, Dukascopy Group employs over 300 staff.

Dukascopy Group mainly provides online and mobile trading services through the SWFX - Swiss FX Marketplace, the Dukascopy's ECN proprietary technological solution and registered trademark. Dukascopy Payments is a Group company dedicated to instant payment services through smartphones and payment cards.

  • The SWFX provides online and mobile Forex, precious metals and CFD trading facilities.

    Currently, the SWFX is connected through FIX API to over 20 major banks offering a unique pool of ECN spot forex liquidity available for traders, banks, hedge funds and other institutions. This allows Dukascopy Bank to offer its clients unrivalled order execution and price feed quality in addition to very low spreads.

    The SWFX automatically executes orders of market participants on a Straight Through Processing basis. In this ECN environment, both buy-side and sell-side participants interact on an equal footing. Dukascopy Bank has no dealing desk and makes no requote, all trades are executed automatically on its ECN, whatever their size.

    The Dukascopy trading platform (JForex) provides an array of tools for risk management and control over the order execution. Clients may trade billions of dollars in a secure "one-click" trading environment. Support is provided on a 24/5 basis. In case of need, clients may pass orders over the phone.

    In addition to trading on Forex, precious metals and CFD (on various underlyings), Dukascopy Bank provides a trading platform for binary options on stocks and Forex.

  • Dukascopy Bank offers extremely competitive conditions for currency exchange on current accounts, provides e-banking facilities, credit cards and an increasing range of banking products. More information is available here.

  • Dukascopy Bank provides a wide range of free financial information and other attractive resources through its website, Dukascopy TV online television, Freeserv products and its active online Dukascopy community counting over 130'000 members.

    The members of Dukascopy Community may exchange in several languages on trading experiences, market views, trading strategies, may win prizes in various contests and freely communicate through advanced and secure chat and video conference systems developed and supported by Dukascopy Bank.

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    • Bogdan Prensilevich


    • Frank Guemara

      Vice-Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Audit Committee

    • Per Prod'hom

      Member of the Board and member of the Audit Committee

    • Gérard de Cerjat


    • Tatiana Pannatier


    • All Board members are Swiss nationals.

    • Andre Duka

      co-Chairman of the Executive Committee, co-Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technology Officer, founding shareholder, citizen of Switzerland

    • Veronika Duka

      co-Chairman of the Executive Committee, co-Chief Executive Officer & Chief Administrative Officer, founding shareholder, citizen of Switzerland

    • Andrejs Bagautdinovs

      Chief Integration Officer, citizen of Latvia

    • Irina Kupriyanova Vedeneeva

      Chief Financial Officer, citizen of Switzerland

    • Wajih Rais

      Chief Risk Officer, citizen of France

    • All Executive Committee members are permanent residents of Switzerland.

  • The statutory auditor reports to the General Meeting of Shareholders on the results of their audit of the Financial Statements and proposed appropriation of available earnings.

    The banking auditor verifies that Dukascopy Bank complies with the Swiss laws and other applicable regulation on an individual basis and group level. They report their conclusions and observations directly to FINMA.

    Internal auditors execute a multi-annual audit plan agreed with the Board of Directors, and report their conclusions and recommendations to the Board. Internal auditors verify the adequacy of the company's organisation, internal control system and its compliance with applicable laws and regulation.

    1. Dukascopy Trading Technologies Corp.

      The Dukascopy project was launched in 1998 by a group of physicists headed by Dr. Andre Duka. Their mission was to research, develop, and implement a complex financial system via novel mathematical and econophysical techniques.

    2. Dukascopy Trading Platform

      Dukascopy začíná rozvíjet své obchodní platformy.

    3. Dukascopy - Swiss Brokerage House

      Dukascopy byla založena v roce 2004. Její misí bylo poskytovat svoje svých high-tech řešení pro finanční komunitu.

    4. Dukascopy - SWFX Swiss FX Marketplace

      Dukascopy launches its ECN, the SWFX Swiss FX Marketplace.

    5. Dukascopy Forex TV

      Dukascopy launches Dukascopy Forex TV, online television providing technical and fundamental analysis to traders and financial professionals.

    6. Dukascopy Bank SA

      Dukascopy is authorised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA to conduct banking activities.

    7. Geneva Forex Event

      Launch of the Geneva Forex Event, a monthly meeting point to follow up on current events, to network, to establish public relations, and to be present among the elite in a relaxed atmosphere.

    8. SWFX Trader iPhone application

      This application is considered to be the pinnacle of mobile trading technologies and one of the leading free applications available on the market.

    9. Dukascopy Europe IBS AS

      Dukascopy Europe IBS AS becomes operational as a fully owned subsidiary of Dukascopy Bank SA dedicated essentially to the European retail market.

    10. SMS Notification Service

      Dukascopy Bank SA develops its SMS notification service, allowing clients to receive SMS notifications about different types of events on their trading account or in the market.

    11. Opening of Dukascopy TV Studios in Geneva

      Dukascopy TV opens its new studios in Geneva.

    12. Dukascopy Bank SA in Kyiv

      Dukascopy Bank SA opens a representative office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

    13. SWFX Trader for Android OS

      The SWFX Trader application on Android OS allows users to trade on DEMO or LIVE accounts from anywhere in the world by connecting to the Dukascopy ECN-Marketplace.

    14. E-banking Solution

      Dukascopy Bank SA creates a unique and innovative e-banking solution offered to holders of Current Accounts.

    15. Dukascopy Bank SA in Hong Kong

      Dukascopy Bank SA expands its international presence by opening a representation office in Hong Kong.

    16. Islamic Accounts

      In line with the expectations of Moslem clients, Dukascopy Bank SA announces the creation of swap-free accounts.

    17. Swiss Bankers Association

      Dukascopy Bank becomes a member of the Swiss Bankers Association

    18. Dukascopy Bank dostává oprávnění k obchodování s cennými papíry

      Společnost Dukascopy je oprávněna švýcarským úřadem pro dohled nad finančním trhem FINMA provádět činnosti v oblasti cenných papírů.

    19. Dukascopy Bank SA in Moscow

      Dukascopy Bank SA expands its international presence by opening a representation office in Moscow.

    20. Dukascopy Bank offers binary options

      In June 2014 Dukascopy Bank launched its new trading platform for binary options.

    21. Dukascopy Bank SA in Zürich and in Kuala Lumpur

      Dukascopy Bank SA expands its presence by opening an office in Zürich (Switzerland) and in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

    22. Dukascopy Bank offers CFDs

      In September 2014, Dukascopy Bank started to add CFD instruments to its ECN trading environment.

    23. Dukascopy Bank SA acquires 100% of Alpari Japan K.K., Tokyo

      In August 2015 Dukascopy Bank has acquired 100% of Alpari Japan K.K., a Type-1 licensed Japanese broker based in Tokyo which has been renamed Dukascopy Japan K.K. Thanks to this acquisition, Dukascopy Group may provide regulated Forex trading services in Japan, the largest Forex market in the world.

    24. Dukascopy Payments obtains its European payment and e-money license

      This Group company based in Riga, Latvia specializes in offering instant payment services through smartphones.

    25. Dukascopy TV registration with OFCOM

      Dukascopy TV is registered with Federal Office of Communications from Swiss State regulator OFCOM. Dukascopy TV is since then officially registered as a Swiss TV broadcaster.

    26. Dukascopy Payments official launch

      Dukascopy Bank SA launches a new group member — Dukascopy Payments SIA, EU licensed subsidiary specialized in mobile instant payments. The company's services are based on Dukascopy Connect mobile communicator — a highly secure messenger, which encrypts all the messages and pictures, allows video and voice calls.

    27. Video-identification revolution at Dukascopy Bank

      Following the issuance of the FINMA circular 2016/7 on Video-identification, Dukascopy Bank is among the first financial institutions to use an in-house developed video-based on-boarding system, fully integrated with its IT infrastructure.

    28. Swiss Private Bank for Everybody

      Dukascopy Bank SA extends its long-term technological leadership in financial brokerage by entering the new domain of core banking business — retail banking.

    29. BTC/USD launched for trading on LIVE

      Dukascopy Bank starts offering the Bitcoin to US Dollar (BTC/USD) to self trading LIVE accounts.

    30. New Office in UAE

      Dukascopy Bank SA launches its new Representative Office in Dubai.

    31. Wealth management

      Dukascopy Bank starts offering a unique opportunity to earn returns by acting as a liquidity provider on SWFX in a fully automated mode.

    32. MetaTrader 4 launched for live trading

      Dukascopy Bank starts offering LIVE trading on MetaTrader 4 with direct access to the SWFX Swiss Marketplace.

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    33. Account funding with crypto-currency

      A new account funding method has been added. Clients can now deposit and withdraw funds to/from their crypto-fundable trading accounts with the Bank in form of crypto-currency transfers. The first crypto-currency to be supported is Bitcoin.

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    34. FINMA gives green light to Dukascoin

      Switzerland's financial regulator confirms there are no further regulatory obstacles to Dukascopy's own crypto ICO project.

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    35. Dukascopy Bank launches its cryptocurrency — Dukascoin

      Dukascopy Bank has become the first regulated bank to launch its own ICO. Starting from 28/02/2019, anyone can participate in the Airdrop, trade Dukascoin at the marketplace and enjoy its benefits.

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