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CFD Monthly Adjustment

CFDs on oil, gas, copper, indices, bonds and soft commodities offered by Dukascopy are non-expiring spot traded derivatives. The spot prices are influenced by the prices of the current futures contract of the corresponding commodity, index or bond (full instrument list is provided below), these futures are traded on the exchanges.

When the underlying future contract is due to expire, the CFD is switched to another contract. Due to this switch, CFD price is changing to the price of the new futures contract. Such switch affects all the open positions. The price switch of CFD from old to new futures contract occurs during the market break of the adjustment date. In order to compensate price difference between old and new contracts the adjustment is applied as debit/credit to the account.

The adjustment is done at least one day prior to the expiry date of the current future contracts.

At 13:50 GMT summer / 14:50 GMT winter time on the respective days Dukascopy determines adjustment rate for the concerned CFD as the price difference between frontal and next month futures.

Dukascopy publishes adjustment rates on website shortly after.

Instruments subjected to the price adjustment are following:

  • Energy commodities:
  • Metalle:
  • Soft commodities:
  • Indexe:
  • Anleihen:

Client accounts will be adjusted according to the published adjustment rates.

Positive adjustments are made before market is opened; negative adjustments are processed shortly after market opening.

Price adjustment calendar is provided below. Values are shown as a pips difference between expiring/next month underlying future:

  • Please note that CFD Monthly Adjustment dates contained in this website are subject to change from time to time.
  • We strongly recommend to monitor CFD Monthly Adjustment calendar at least once a week.
  • Feel free to contact Client's Live trading support on the following e-mail: [email protected].

Depending on the direction of the client position this may be a credit or a debit to the client. Feel free to use the above provided price adjustment calendar in order to estimate the effect of CFD monthly adjustment to your account.

Kunden, die die Anpassungsraten vermeiden wollen, sollten ihre Positionen vor Beginn der Anpassungspause schließen.

Please be aware that on the adjustment day trading of CFDs will be stopped 20 minutes earlier:

Instrument Startzeit der Anpassungspause
Sommerzeit (GMT) Winterzeit (GMT)
BRENT.CMD/USD 20:40 21:40
LIGHT.CMD/USD 20:40 21:40
GAS.CMD/USD 20:40 21:40
DIESEL.CMD/USD 20:40 21:40
COPPER.CMD/USD 20:40 21:40
OJUICE.CMD/USX 17:40 18:40
COCOA.CMD/USD 17:10 18:10
COFFEE.CMD/USX 17:10 18:10
COTTON.CMD/USX 18:00 19:00
SUGAR.CMD/USD 16:35 17:35
SOYBEAN.CMD/USX 18:00 19:00
DOLLAR.IDX/USD 20:40 20:40
IND.IDX/USD 18:40 18:40
PLN.IDX/PLN 15:30 16:30
BUND.TR/EUR 19:40 20:40
UKGILT.TR/GBP 16:40 17:40
USTBOND.TR/USD 20:40 21:40

After adjustment trading starts according to the regular trading time schedule.

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