Turnover for earlier prizes

Strategy Trader FX Article Contest Miss Dukascopy 2015 Technical Analysis Social Trading Fundamental analysis Dukascopy Poker Dukat Contest Trader of the year Extreme Binary Signal Provider Daily Stock options Posted 20 Aug 2015


We would like to inform you that all prizes transferred after September 4th will be subject to a turnover of 2.5 million per $100 won, regardless of when you won the prize.

If you wish to receive prizes won before July 1st under previous conditions (2 million per $100 won), please transfer them before September 4th.


Community team

Trader of the year results for July 2015

Trader of the year Posted 19 Aug 2015

Hi traders,

We congratulate the new Trader of the Year participant 112233 from Russia for taking the first place in 12-month nomination in July. His 2000 USD prize will be credited after we get his interview and essay.


Community team

Signal Provider Grand Prix results for July 2015

Signal Provider Posted 19 Aug 2015

Hi traders,

Both 12- and 6-month nominations of Signal Provider Grand Prix are checked and the results are published.

We congratulate the new Trader of the Year participant 112233 from Russia for taking the first place in both nominations. 1000 USD is already credited to his prize account and additional 2000 USD prize will be credited after we get his interview and essay.

We also congratulate jjmmg, samme, snowshow, Lyudmila and nuonrg, thescalper, pipx, and Nauman, who took the rest of winning positions in 12- and 6-months nomination respectively.

We hope draw-down indicator implementation together with an increase in the contest prize fund will lead to safer trading as well as shifting the focus of traders to participate in the long run.


Community team


Article Contest results for July are announced.

FX Article Contest Posted 18 Aug 2015

We have just published the results. Please visit the results page to see who won and read the end-note.

Strategy Contest July results

Strategy Posted 17 Aug 2015

Congratulations to the Winners of July Stratgy Contest!  

Pleased to inform all of you, from now TOP-15 strategies will receive prizes monthly and prize fund also is increased up to $ 25`000.

More good news, in that month there were almost no violators and quantity of participant increased. So competition is intensifying.

1 drishti
2 Docdow
3 OneGoodTrade
4 sezann
5 past92
6 Trillionsfund
7 sukeshroy
8 Forex_champion
9 fireman
10 Schaolin
11 Abdoo
12 akili
13 OGA
14 egidijus
15 FXdream

More greate news are coming, stay tuned and Good luck to all Participants.


DFC Team.


Social Trading Contest results for July

Social Trading Posted 17 Aug 2015

Hi traders,

July is closed, prizes are credited to the 20 winners, and here is a short overview of the month.

cyrus323 is a July winner despite that he was penalized by 40% of his signal PnL. Congratulations!

Contestant ductus was removed from the final rankings due to suspicious activity on his Social trading account. As a result, we will review the Contest Rules in order to eliminate the possibility of using the discovered loopholes. Thanks to ductus.

That is all for now. All the best in August.


Community team

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