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Reputation points
Q: Who is eligible to participate in the Demo contests?
Answer: Dukascopy Demo contests are open to any person who is at least 18 years of age, irrespectively of whether he is an existing Dukascopy Bank client or not.
Q: Is the participation free of charge?
Answer: Yes, participation in the contest is fully free of charge.
Q: What kind of comments is not desirable in the contest? Why I am receiving warnings from Dukascopy about my comments?
Answer: Dukascopy Bank expects the comments to be sensible and meaningful. The comment should reflect the grounds or factors that drove the trader to effectuate the particular trade.

Senseless, run-around comments are not tolerated. Even though Dukascopy will not delete them unless they contain any sort of abuse, advertisement or any other kind of spam, the trader has to be aware that a predominance or considerable share of ineligible comments will significantly decrease his odds to receive any extra bonus points when being analyzed by the Dukascopy evaluation committee (4th factor of the total score).

Examples of undesirable comments that will not be valued by Dukascopy when attributing the expert score:

"Good", "Ok", "1.5697", "Buy", "Sell" etc.

Please see the Code of conduct for the comments in the Dukascopy Forex Community.

Q: Can I register to Dukascopy Demo contests without having a community account?
Answer: No, the 2-level registration system requires the participant to have a central community account. A lot of contests’ functionalities are located at the community level and in future the integration will be even more intensive.
Q: How do I subscribe to the contests after registering to the community?
Answer: After having created a Dukascopy Forex community account you may register to any demo contest via one click. The registration is now unified.

During the 1st registration to one of the contests you will be asked to complement the account data with your contact details. This is done in order to ensure the completeness of your account and its eligibility to an eventual prize. Therefore, the data has to be true and correct. Awarded Live accounts are opened on its basis and according to the rules the prize can be canceled in case the real data of the prize claimant does not correspond to the one indicated in his contest account.

All further registrations do not require any additional information and are processed on a "one- click" basis. 
Q: Can I suggest amendments for the contest rules?
Answer: Although we attentively process all incoming mails and draw valuable conclusions or insight from reasonable proposal, we affirm that the rules of the Traders contest were elaborated with thorough evaluation of all relevant factors and are balanced enough to cater for the aims of the contest. The point of the contest is not merely to reward best performers, but to assess the forecasting ability, adherence to one's own strategy and ability to ground his actions. Because of the above reasons, participants should be aware that the rules are fixed and are to be accepted by the contestants in their present form.

However, Dukascopy admits that it collects the feedback from participants and takes it into account for further improvements.
Q: I do already have a Live account with Dukascopy Bank SA. How will my award be processed in case I end up the month on a winning position?
Answer: In case you already have an account with Dukascopy Bank, your eventual prize will be credited to your existing Live account. However, all the requirements for the withdrawal of the prize amount will still apply. Please note that it is impossible to indicate any Introducing agents or register the prize accounts through Forex cashback services.
Q: What are these reputation points?
Answer: Reputation points are there to determine, how much you can do in DFC. This will help curb cheating.
Q: How do I get points?
Answer: Do the usual things you would - participate in contests. After submitting an article or a couple trades you'll most likely have enough points to send private messages, like and comment other's submissions.
Q: What happens if I lose all my points?
Answer: You'll have to rebuild your reputation, starting with signing up for next contests and submitting work.
Q: Why did I lose a point for reporting abuse?
Answer: This point is taken from you as insurance against false accusations until the report is resolved. If you pointed out someone who actually offended the rules, you will be rewarded. And the culprit will lose points.
Q: What affects my reputation?
Answer: Your activities on the website affect your reputation. See the table below to know how exactly it happens
Action Reputation / Points
Fill in your profile 1
Confirm your email 1
Subscribe for a contest 1
Get a winning place in a contest 20
Your article gets approved 25
Report an article -1
Your article gets reported -5
Your article gets banned -25
Receive a like 1
Comment something or receive a comment (except comments to freecomments) 1
Create an order 2
Create a strategy 100
Your comment gets deleted -3
Admin removes your comment -5
Live TV Webinar carried out 15

Please note that the values in the table can be changed by Dukascopy at any time.
Q: How are actions limited by reputation?
Answer: See the table below.
Points needed Action
1 Submit an article, strategy or start trading
10 Create comments, including freecomments
Report abuse for articles
15 Like articles, orders, freecomments
20 Send private messages
Create freecomments
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