Article Contest results for September are announced.

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We have just published the results. Please visit the results page to see who won and read the end-note.

October results of Strategy Contest

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Congratulations to the Winners of October Strategy Contest!

1 xxtazzz
2 Qurek
3 Ton
4 md1fk1
5 risgiantoro
6 Durden
7 sukeshroy
8 marius24
9 anvifx
10 dream007
11 Kivetat
12 Prof_Wissen
14 maske
15 Yurik1976

Good luck to all Participants.
Dukascopy Community Team.

911 Contest results in October

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Julia_Si from Belarus has won the October contest having earned 301 point by asking and getting satisfactory answers in 911 Q&A service. As a result she won 33 000 DUK.

Harmony7 and ireen1386 who scored 282 and 118 points respectively have taken the second and third places. We congratulate top-3 winners as well as other 26 contestants who finished the month with more than 20 gained points.

Thank you for participation! Your prizes are already credited, please check.

Community team

Technical Analysis Contest results, September-November 2017

Publier 13 nov  dans #Technical Analysis
1st of November 2017 Technical Analysis Contest results published.
Please visit the results page to see who won.
DFC Team

Signal Provider results

Publier 7 nov  dans #Signal Provider
Hi traders,

srinatha from India took the first position in the 12-month nomination of Signal Provider Grand Prix contest in October 2017 with annual result of 1.498 m USD in profit. The second place goes to inis, who managed to earn 0.954 m USD of profit in the last 12-month period. Lord93 has taken the third position with the result of 0.937 m USD. Participants SaintFrantic and NoWay closed top-5 signal providers with result of 0.732 m USD and 0.571 m USD respectively.

6-month nominations of Signal Provider winner list is the following: Goodini – first place with 0.982 m USD, SibinSebastian1 – second place with 0.654 m USD, lovybandesha– third place with 0.642 m USD, SaintFrantic – fourth place with 0.639 m USD, N1K – fifth place with 0.610 m USD.

All the best for everyone in November 2017!

Community team

Trader Contest results for October are announced.

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Hi traders,

snookerboy from Bulgaria, who managed to earn 265 points (528.32k) , has finished in the first place. Нe joined Community in March 2013. User expertmarss finished in the second position with 257 points (734.42k) , and vadaszhun took the third position with 233 points (312.15k) . Congratulations to the top 3 winners as well as the other finalists!

User TraderRecruit and Aleksey2016 were disqualified due to double registration during one contest month.

Users zxlzgm and Nart60 finished contest with the same result - 244 points, but the preference was given to the trader with the latest date of registration in the Contest.

The prize has not been credited to trader2017MSK, who needs to clarify his real name and surname in his profile first.
Meanwhile the prizes for the winners have already been credited!

All the best for everyone in November 2017!

Community team