Fundamental Analysis Contest results for 3 week of February are announced.

Fundamental analysis Posted yesterday at 16:51 GMT
We have just published the results of the last week Fundamental Analysis contest. Please visit the Standings page to see who won.

Dukascopy 911 contest announcement

Posted 23 Feb.
We are glad to inform you that Dukascopy 911 Q&A service was launched four weeks ago. We now invite all Community users to try the service.

There are 6 days left until the start of the contest where every Community user will get 5000 Dukats for 50 asked questions. The questions can be asked and answered from March 1 until March 31. More details will be provided soon. This is right time to get to know Dukascopy 911 before the official start!

We would also like to remind that every user who provides proper answer (with approved status) will receive up to one CHF (free of any limitation) to their Dukascopy Payments account. While trying the service, take advantage of your opportunity to earn money by answering the questions to other Dukascopy 911 users. It is fun and profitable to use Dukascopy 911!

Fundamental Analysis Contest results for 2 week of February are announced

Fundamental analysis Posted 19 Feb.
We have published the results of the last week Fundamental Analysis contest. Please visit the Standings page to see who won.

January results of Strategy Contest

Strategy Posted 17 Feb.
Congratulations to the Winners of January Strategy Contest!
1 sircris
2 Tach
3 Chartist65
4 Alexg
5 aleks1204
6 yellownight
7 sezann
9 Durden
10 chainsaw
11 verindur
12 dream007
13 inis
14 ilonalt
15 Drift
Good luck to all Participants.
Dukascopy Community Team.

No Spam!

Miss Dukascopy Posted 14 Feb.
Dear ladies, please stop spam at Dukascopy 911.
Some participants of Miss Dukascopy 2017 have been caught in an attempt to boost their ratings by creating spam questions at Dukascopy 911. We will not mention any names, as we are sure you already understand what are we talking about.

Thank you for your attention. And a very special thanks to all who play fair!

PS Soon we will make restrictions.

New Social Points

Miss Dukascopy Posted 13 Feb.
Dear ladies, from now you will get points not only for answers in 911, but also for your questions.

1 question = 5 points
More questions - more points!

Good luck!

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