Fundamental Analysis Contest results for 2 week of April are announced

Posted 18 Apr  in #Fundamental analysis
We have just published the results of the last week Fundamental Analysis contest. Please visit the Standings page to see who won.

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Community Support Team

Article Contest results for February 2018 are announced

Posted 16 Apr  in #FX Article Contest
We have just published the results. Please visit the results page to see who won.
Thanks to all for the active participation!

Community team

Technical Analysis Contest results for February-April 2018 published

Posted 11 Apr  in #Technical Analysis
Please visit the results page to see who won.
Thanks to all for the active participation!

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Posted 11 Apr  in #Miss Dukascopy
Hi girls! We have great news! Each of you can get 500 extra points! All you need is to open an account in Dukascopy Bank SA, pass all compliance procedures, pass video identification and provide proves that your Account is successfully opened (send a screenshot to Cheerleaders’ team). More detailed information you can find on the contest page.

911 Contest results in March

Posted 10 Apr  in #911
293 users took part in March 911 Contest and 80 of them have got at least 5000 DUK for their activity in 911 Q&A service.

The March leader Diana29 finished the month with 131 questions answered by other participants. Her reward is 16000 DUK which is 2000 more than the closest rival Oksary got. The third place is taken by hrustiashka with 117 asked and answered questions.

The prizes are already credited to the accounts of all the finalists, except for 29 users who didn’t fill out their profiles.
We wish all the best in April to every contest participant.

Enjoy Dukascopy 911 Q&A service!

Community team

Signal Provider results

Posted 6 Apr  in #Signal Provider
Hi traders,

inis from Belgium took the first position in the 12-month nomination of Signal Provider Grand Prix contest in March 2018 with annual result of 0.936 m USD in profit. The second place goes to StevenSeagal, who managed to earn 0.768 m USD of profit in the last 12-month period. N1K has taken the third position with the result of 0.731 m USD. Participants zywiec and ginco1969 closed top-5 signal providers with result of 0.658 m USD and 0.641 m USD respectively.

6-month nominations of Signal Provider winner list is the following: gc04me– first place with 0.758 m USD, premk– second place with 0.689 m USD, henawi– third place with 0.684 m USD, zywiec – fourth place with 0.673 m USD, MOZILLA – fifth place with 0.618 m USD.

All the best for everyone in April 2018!

Community team