LIVE CFD Trader contest results (first week)

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Hello traders,

We have the results of the first week of LIVE CFD Trader contest and the CFD Trader of the week is dukfxx from Egypt! He finished with enormous 259% of trading profitability, and that has brought him a prize of 300 USD. This is not his only achievement, as he already won 500 USD in LIVE FX Trader contest. Congratulations on such a great performance!

Dominos was the closest dukfxx’s rival but he didn’t overcome him and ended the week with 239% of trading profitability.
Third place was taken by brabus, whose trading result is 23%. We also congratulate the other seven finalists, who have shown profitable trading and won their prizes.

We hope that you like the new contest concept. In case, you have any ideas in regards to the contest development or improvement please let us know in the comments below the post.

Community team

October results of Strategy Contest

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Congratulations to the Winners of October Strategy Contest!

1 rokasltu
2 dukfxx
5 wmndave
6 BilboFX
7 popopo
8 maske
9 GeniuZ
10 VladPo

Good luck to all Participants.
Dukascopy Community Team.

LIVE FX Trader contest results (5th week)

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Hello traders,

The results for the second week of November has been released, and 1050 USD of cash prizes for 12 winners were credited to their trading accounts!

Felice from Ukraine showed 127.358% of trading profitability and won the first prize of 300 USD. QBarfungen from Turkey finished second followed by komias from Ukraine with 109.602% and 96.578% of profitability respectively.

komias is a current and sole leader by prizes won: 600 USD is his total achievement. valter and rokasltu are two most consistent traders as they both have won in four out of five conducted contest weeks.

As you might have noticed, we have added the possibility to see the current position in ranking even if the result is negative and to track the change of the participant’s place from hour to hour. More features will be released in the coming days and if you have any ideas regarding contest development you are welcome to let us know in comments.

Meanwhile that is all for now and we wish productive week to all contest participants!

Community team

Fundamental Analysis Contest results for 2 week of November announced

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We have just published the results of the last week Fundamental Analysis contest. Please visit the Standings page to see who won.

LIVE FX Trader contest results (4th week)

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Hello traders,

The prizes for the fourth week have been credited today. Congratulations to new FX Trader of the week llolor from Zimbabwe as well as to other 11 winners!

Having finished four times in a row on the winning places rokasltu continues to be the most consistent FX trader. alphahavoc and valter are the closest chasers who won in three out of four contest periods each.

As you might have already seen, the new LIVE CFD Trader contest has been launched yesterday. The only thing new contest differs from its predecessor is the list of tradable instruments that consists of Commodity and Index CFDs only. Traders participating in LIVE FX Trader contest are also welcomed to join the LIVE CFD Trader contest.

That is all for now. Wish you all a productive and profitable week.

Community team

LIVE CFD Trader Contest launched

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Hello traders!

After four successful weeks of LIVE FX Trader Contest and 4’110 USD of cash prizes paid to 43 winners, Dukascopy Bank announces the start of a new competition between CFD traders – LIVE CFD Trader contest.

Same as in LIVE FX Trader Contest 1’050 USD of weekly prize fund will be distributed among 12 winners, with the best profitability during the Contest week. The only difference is a list of tradable instruments that consist of Commodity and Index CFDs only. Winners will be announced Fridays after market close.

There is no limitation on the number of contest Community members that can take a part: traders participating in LIVE FX Trader Contest are welcome to also join the LIVE CFD Trader Contest.

For more information, please read here. The contest is open starting from November 13th.

Community team