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19 May 2015
Meet Dukascopy in Rimini on May 21st-22nd

Dukascopy Europe (EU-based subsidiary of Dukascopy Bank SA) is participating in "IT Forum 2015" exhibition in Rimini on May 21st and 22nd.
You are welcome to visit our booth during the exhibition days and meet our representatives in person.

18 May 2015
Meet Dukascopy in Bratislava on May 20th-21st

Dukascopy Europe (EU-based subsidiary of Dukascopy Bank SA) is participating in Bratislava Forex Expo on May 20th and 21st.

You are welcome to visit our booth during the exhibition days and meet our representatives in person.

Dukascopy Europe will also held JForex seminar during the Expo on May 20th at 15.00. If you would like to attend it, please register here.

14 May 2015
FinDating - Style and Efficiency

Dukascopy is proud to announce FinDating: a unique and unprecedented event in the finance industry offering exceptional business opportunities.

FinDating provides excellent VIP networking opportunities and prospects to raise awareness, providing a way to reach new clients, with a touch of smart-casual in the heart of Switzerland. This sought-after occasion will take place on October 9, 2015 in one of Geneva’s most luxurious hotels Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva. The event will feature representatives of industry leaders, reputable experts as well as elite high-net-worth individuals. The one-of-a-kind event will be followed by specially organized Geneva Forex Event featuring a splendid fashion show by the legendary Italian fashion house Versace. In order to ensure mass media coverage and raise public awareness, this unprecedented gala FinDating & Geneva Forex Event will be spotlighted by Swiss and international print media, on the Internet, including the largest and most popular social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as on Dukascopy Group official web page at www.dukascopy.com. Moreover, the latest FinDating news will be instantly highlighted on the FinDating official web page at www.findating.com and on Twitter @FinancialDating.

17 April 2015
Meet Dukascopy in Moscow on April 24th-25th

Dukascopy Bank SA is participating in the 18th International Exhibition "MOSCOW FOREX EXPO 2015" on Friday and Saturday, April 24th-25th.
You are welcome to visit our booth during the exhibition days and meet our representatives in person.

Dukascopy Bank SA will also hold a seminar dedicated to Binary Option trading in Radisson Slavyanskaya, Tolstoy Hall on April 24th at 15.20. If you would like to attend it, please register here

17 April 2015
USD/RUB is again available for Live trading
After a break in RUB trading provision Dukascopy took following the turmoil of Russian national currency at the end of 2014, USD/RUB trading is back to the instruments list and already available to Live traders of Dukascopy group. Maximum leverage was set to 1:10. Trading breaks remain unchanged: 20:50-07:00 GMT
17 April 2015
CFD trading schedule changes

Due to the low liqudity during off market hours, Dukascopy will apply trading breaks for all CFD instruments available as of April 20, 2015. Please find updated schedule here.

02 April 2015
Easter Holiday News

Opening Hours
Friday 3 April - Regular Closure at 21:00 GMT
Sunday 5 April - Regular Opening at 21:00 GMT

Gold and Silver:
Thursday 2 April - Trading stops at 21:00 GMT
Friday 3 April - Market remains closed
Sunday 5 April - Market resumes at 22:00 GMT

Thursday 2 April - Trading stops at 21:00 GMT
Friday 3 April - Market remains closed for all CFDs

Sunday/Monday 5/6 April:
BRENT.CMD/USD Market resumes Monday at 01:00 GMT
LIGHT.CMD/USD Market resumes Sunday at 23:00 GMT
AUS.IDX/AUD Market remains closed on Monday 6 April
ESP.IDX/EUR Market remains closed on Monday 6 April
EUS.IDX/EUR Market remains closed on Monday 6 April
HKG.IDX/HKD Market remains closed on Monday 6 April
DEU.IDX/EUR Market remains closed on Monday 6 April
FRA.IDX/EUR Market remains closed on Monday 6 April
CHE.IDX/CHF Market remains closed on Monday 6 April
GBR.IDX/GBP Market remains closed on Monday 6 April
JPN.IDX/JPY Market remains closed on Monday 6 April
USA30.IDX/USD Market remains closed on Monday 6 April
USATECH.IDX/USD Market remains closed on Monday 6 April
USA500.IDX/USD Market remains closed on Monday 6 April

27 March 2015
Europe changes to Daylight saving time

This Sunday, 29th of March, clocks will be set forward by one hour in many countries of the northern hemisphere. While there is no change in the Dukascopy opening hours from Sundays at 21:00GMT to Fridays at 21:00 GMT, the change to summertime means that market will again open at the normal  time of 11pm for Western European Traders. In Europe clocks will be set back to wintertime on Sunday 28 October 2015.

23 March 2015
Dukascopy received FxCuffs 2015 award as the Best Binary Options Broker of the year
Dukascopy Group is proud to announce that its recent entry into Binary Options market is getting recognised by the clients and the members of the FX industry. On March 14th, Dukascopy received Polish FX Industry award FxCuffs 2015 as the Best Binary Options Broker of the year voted by Polish FX community. We would like to thank all the members of the Polish FX community who voted for introducing transparency and quality into this exciting and growing segment of financial services.
06 March 2015
Change to Daylight Saving Time

Change to Daylight Saving Time
Clocks will be advanced by 1 hour this Sunday 8 March in the US eastern time zone (EST). The FX trading day ending at 5pm NY time, Dukascopy Market opening and settlement time will be changed from 22:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT effectively this Sunday 8 March 2015.

Clocks will return to Winter schedule on Sunday 1st November.

03 March 2015
Updates in trading conditions for Binary options

Following the clients' requests and adding more flexibility to the binary trading service Dukascopy has increased the maximum contract amounts in 5 times. Now the maximum contract is 5,000 USD or equivalent in other base currencies. Also, the countdown period prior to option start has been decreased from 3 to 2 seconds. Feel free to consult the Trading conditions for more information.

20 February 2015
Utilizzo leva durante il fine settimana per le posizioni collegate all'EUR

Qualche fornitore di liquidità di Dukascopy ha avvertito i loro clienti di un rischio molto importante di gap di mercato per tutte le posizioni collegate all'EUR data la situazione Greca con coseguente possibilità di uscita dall'Euro. In particolare sussiste un rischio concreto che alla riapertura del lunedì mattino i mercati FX presentino un livello di prezzo fortemente diverso da quello di chiusura del venerdì.

Dukascopy non può ignorare tale rischio e non reagire, ed ha quindi deciso di prendere le seguenti contromisure: per tutte le posizioni sull'Euro sarà applicato un effetto leva di 1:30 durante il week-end dalle 18.00 GMT del 20.02.2015. Questo livello di leva sarà annullato dopo l'apertura del mercato la domenica sera. In base alla politica di margine di Dukascopy i conti di trading sono già suscettibili di default di un effetto leva 1:30 durante il week-end. Questa modifica toccherà solamente i conti dei clienti di Dukascopy Bank e Dukascopy Europe che beneficiano di un effetto leva supeiore a 1:30 durante il week-end

Inoltre Dukascopy avvisa i suoi traders di una probabilità maggiore rispetto alla norma di condizioni di spread meno favorevoli, di deviazioni più importanti e di ordini rigettati dopo l'apertura del mercato. Consigliamo di ridurre l'esposizione sulle coppie di valute che includono l'euro al fine di evitare un rischio maggiore di margin cut e di saldo negativo.

18 February 2015
Meet Dukascopy in London on February 19th-20th
Dukascopy Europe (EU-based subsidiary of Dukascopy Bank SA) is participating in "London Forex Show” exhibition on Friday, February 20th.
You are welcome to visit our booth during the exhibition day and meet our representatives in person.

Dukascopy Europe will also held JForex seminar in Millennium Gloucester Hotel on February 19th at 19.00. If you would like to attend it, please register here.

06 February 2015
Reduction of maximum leverage on EUR/DKK and USD/DKK
Due to the possibility of recalibration of the trading range of EUR/DKK which may lead to significant price gaps and cause negative equity on client accounts, Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy Europe are implementing a maximum leverage for EUR/DKK and USD/DKK exposures of 1:10 as of 8 February 2015.
Traders trading EUR/DKK and USD/DKK are invited to estimate their margin usage at the moment the maximum leverage will be reduced and adjust their exposure accordingly if needed.
02 February 2015
Changes in the swap-free conditions.
Swap-free account conditions have been updated as of February 2, 2015.
Please read more here.
28 January 2015
Dukascopy Europe launches CFD trading on demo and live accounts
Dukascopy Europe IBS AS (EU-based subsidiary of Dukascopy Bank SA) is glad to announce the launch of CFD trading. The new instruments are offered for regular LIVE and DEMO self trading accounts, using the same range of platforms as FX instruments. Traders willing to gain access to CFD on live environment are invited to contact their account manager.
26 January 2015
Dukascopy – Alpari Japan
As it was stated on 19.01.2015, Dukascopy is evaluating the possibility of purchasing the business of its damaged competitors to boost a growth. In particular, Dukascopy has initiated negotiations with the administrator of bankrupted Alpari (UK) in order to purchase its daughter company Alpari Japan. In spite of the fact that negotiations are moving slow and there is no certainty that deal will be concluded, Dukascopy would like to use this opportunity to point out its interest in acquisition of a Japanese licensed broker. A Japanese broker would complete the Dukascopy group structure and increase its global presence in Asia.
23 January 2015
EURCHF - back to the family!
Recently EURCHF has triggered a lot of news noise and fears. Many clients and FX brokers around the world have suffered significant losses after the SNB decision to let go of the 1.2000 floor in EURCHF. This has forced many banks and brokers to increase their margin requirements for this currency pair. True to its vision of doing things differently, Dukascopy is going the opposite way by welcoming EURCHF "back to the family" by aligning its margin requirements with the other major currency. Without the artificial support at 1.2000, Dukascopy sees no reason to keep the specific trading limitations for EURCHF in force. As it was previously published, on 12.10.2014 Dukascopy had decreased leverage on EURCHF positions to 1:10, in order to protect clients from trading gaps related to the abolishment of the 1.2000 floor. With the measure in place Dukascopy group safely sailed through the dramatic raise of Swiss franc. Today this currency pair is once again allowed to float freely which is why Dukascopy responds: "EURCHF - welcome back to the family of majors!"

Dukascopy standard leverage is 1:100 with the possibility to increase leverage to 1:200 for Dukascopy Bank clients and 1:300 for Dukascopy Europe clients upon request. According to margin policy Dukascopy will execute margin cut trades only when use of leverage reaches 200%. In addition clients are free to choose between two margin cut modes: full closure of all open positions or partial hedge to use of leverage 100%. To get more information please visit Margin Requirements section of the website.

Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy Europe implement new margin requirements for EURCHF as of 25 January 2015.

New margin requirements for EURCHF will enter into force as of 25 January 2015 for Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy Europe.

19 January 2015

Il Management di Dukascopy Group ha deciso in via del tutto eccezionale di coprire i saldi negativi di alcuni clienti relativi alla situazione verificatasi sul CHF in seguito alla decisione della BNS del 15.01.2015.

Nonostate il contratto e le normative prevedano che i clienti coprano i propri saldi negativi, è stato deciso di liberare da questo vincolo i trader senza richiedere la copertura delle passività.

Dukascopy Bank non ha cancellato o modificato nessuna posizione conclusa il 15.01.2015 durante il movimento del CHF.

Dukascopy Bank e Dukascopy Europe invitano le altre società del settore ad adottare lo stesso approccio nei confronti dei propri clienti in modo da rafforzare la fiducia nell'ambiente FX.

19 January 2015
Dukascopy conferma l'ottima situazione finanziaria

Gentili traders,

Per errore è stato pubblicato un articolo su FXStreet.com il 16 Gennaio 2015 in cui si indica una perdita di 40 milioni di dollari dovuta alla situazione verificatasi sul CHF Giovedì 15.01.2015.
Questo articolo deriva dalla confusione fatta dai redattori tra due banche svizzere online.
Pertanto, questa errata comunicazione di FXStreet è da ritenersi del tutto infondata e da non diffondere. Qualunque informazione erronea e non veritiera sarà perseguita legalmente. Facciamo riferimento in particolare ai seguenti siti internet:
Dukascopy Bank non ha subito perdite successive allo shock del CHF e conferma l'ottima situazione finanziaria dell'Istituto. Profitti/Perdite di Dukascopy Group sono pertanto da considerarsi nell'ottica dell'ordinaria attività quotidiana svolta dalla banca.
Dukascopy Group inoltre comunica un incremento sostanziale del numero di richieste per l'apertura di conti con entrambe le società: Dukascopy Bank e Dukascopy Europe.
Cogliendo l'opportunità dalle speciali circostanze verificatesi, Dukascopy Group sta valutando la possibilità di acquisire l'attività sospesa dai competitors che abbiano avuto difficoltà negli ultimi giorni.
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