Live Trader Contest results (30th week)

Posted 7 May  in #Live Trader

Only one point separated earspower from WallStreetBlog, the winner of the 30th week of LIVE Trader contest. This is the first time WallStreetBlog gets the main prize of 500 USD raising a total sum of won cash prizes to 990 USD. 250 USD won by earspower is the tenth prize he earned here and the aggregated prize amount therefore grew to 880 USD. We send warm welcome to liujg1201, who finished seventeenth and thus got his first prize since April when he joined the contest.

Congratulations to all 20 winners who shared the 1500 USD of the contest prize fund! Meanwhile, the total sum of cash prizes paid to 99 different Community members since the contest start has reached 33950 USD! We take this opportunity to inspire other contest participants who didn’t enter the final ranking yet to show their skills next time and to join the team of leaders of trading in the coming contest weeks.

Community team

Live FX Trader Contest results (28th week)

Posted 23 Apr.  in #Live Trader
Dear traders,

Carlove, who registered in Dukascopy Community 2.5 months ago won the main prize for the third time by earning 96 points out of 100 possible. He was not the best in Profitability nomination, however high traded volume allowed him to win 500 USD. sos and bezalex finished at second and third places with 89 and 85 points respectively. Congratulations!

MURO has showed 3.9% of profitability during his first week participation, which allowed him to finish on the 24th place without any prize. However, taking into consideration that the 27 points, assigned for trading activity, have boosted his position significantly it allowed him to get his first 70 USD prize. This is another example of how valuable Traded volume points can be. foreignexchange won first 20 USD prize in his second attempt that is also a quite remarkable result. We congratulate our newcomers with this initiative and wish you more profitable contest periods.

1500 USD is already distributed among the winners and we invite you to check your trading accounts. Thank you for participation and wish you all the best!

Community team

Live Trader Contest results (27th week)

Posted 16 Apr.  in #Live Trader
Dear traders,

llolor and ForexBugiy came to finish of the previous contest week with equal amount of points - 99. In accordance with the contest rules, in such cases, the advantage is given to participant with higher profitability. Therefore, llolor took the first place and the main prize for the fourth time since the contest launch. He also continues to hold a leader position in terms of won prizes sum (1700 USD). ForexBugiy took the second prize of 250 USD in this tight competition and the total sum of his won prizes reached 1330 USD. Congratulations with those amazing achievements!

VectorCZ and Vaibhav27 are the winners who entered top-20 participants for the first time. We greet you here and hope to see you among the winners next time.

In the meantime, there are no more news. We wish plenty of green trades to all participants all the way down to the end of this contest week.

Community team

Live FX Trader Contest results (26th week)

Posted 12 Apr.  in #Live Trader
Hello traders,

20 traders have entered the final ranking of the first week of April and already got their prizes. Congratulations!

chytry_dziad from Poland showed the best profitability and got 89 points in total. This was enough to win the contest and the main prize of 500 USD. WallStreetBlog finished second, just one point short and MFaheem ended the week on the third position.

Meanwhile there are four Community members who already trespassed 1000 USD threshold of won prizes since the contest start: llolor (1200 USD), olegik and ForexBugiy (1080 USD both), dukfxx (1000 USD). Congratulations with this achievement!

That is all for today. We thank all contest participants for taking part in the contest and wish a wonderful weekend.

Community team

Live FX Trader Contest results (25th week)

Posted 5 Apr.  in #Live Trader
Dear traders,

llolor from Zimbabwe has achieved the maximum possible points in both nominations having showed impressive 778.9% of profitability and 3.6 million USD of traded volume. Thus, the main cash prize of 500 USD goes to him being an excellent reward for his remarkable trading achievement.

olegik and PrinceChoco have finished on the fourth and fifth places with 90 and 88 earned points respectively. However, due to detected Rules violation by two other contest participants (iii.a clause of Fair play rules) who were consequently disqualified from the previous week’s results, olegik and PrinceChoco as well as other 17 participants were shifted two places up.

We hope this is the first and the last case when we are forced to disqualify participants as contest trading activity is being monitored regularly to prevent Rules abusing.

Meanwhile the prizes have been credited and we wish you a wonderful weekend ahead.

Community Support team

LIVE Trader contest results (23rd week)

Posted 22 Mar.  in #Live Trader
Hello traders!

Previous week’s winners are announced and the new increased prizes are already paid to 20 best participants . The highest profitability of 343.226% was shown by Erokhin from Ukraine, who has been rewarded with 500 USD of main prize. The twentieth place and 10 USD were given to EX100 from Poland with profitability of 20.43%. Congrats!

You might have also noticed that few weeks ago we have introduced a profile for every LIVE contest participant . You may access your own profile either from the contest menu in left column or by clicking nickname in contest’s current ranking/results table. Other users’ contest profiles are also available for viewing.

In the meantime there are no more news and we wish all of you a great weekend ahead. Please let us know in case you have any question in the comments.

Community team