Live Trader Contest results (27th week)

Posted 16 Apr. 2019  in #Live Trader
Dear traders,

llolor and ForexBugiy came to finish of the previous contest week with equal amount of points - 99. In accordance with the contest rules, in such cases, the advantage is given to participant with higher profitability. Therefore, llolor took the first place and the main prize for the fourth time since the contest launch. He also continues to hold a leader position in terms of won prizes sum (1700 USD). ForexBugiy took the second prize of 250 USD in this tight competition and the total sum of his won prizes reached 1330 USD. Congratulations with those amazing achievements!

VectorCZ and Vaibhav27 are the winners who entered top-20 participants for the first time. We greet you here and hope to see you among the winners next time.

In the meantime, there are no more news. We wish plenty of green trades to all participants all the way down to the end of this contest week.

Community team
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