Any company or its share price may be affected by Corporate action. Such events include: rights issue, stock splits, reverse stock splits, mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and others.

Since the stock CFD or ETF is closely connected to the price movement of the underlying asset, it will also be affected by the corporate action on the underlying asset. Dukascopy Europe will determine the appropriate measures in a commercially reasonable manner to account for the corporate action’s implication. This may include adjustment of positions and prices in order to preserve the economic equivalent of stock CFD or ETF, or to reflect the effect of the event on the relevant underlying asset.

The economic effect on stock CFD or ETF holders will replicate the effects of the corporate action for both long and short positions of the underlying asset.

Due to restrictions implemented by regulatory bodies, stock exchanges or liquidity, shorting of a particular stock CFD or ETF may be restricted.

Clients are solely responsible for checking any available information on corporate actions that that may affect their stock CFD or ETF positions. Dukascopy Bank has no obligation to proactively contact clients holding positions, that may be affected by corporate action.

Please contact your Account Manager or our Support Desk if you need more information on how a particular corporate action may affect your stock CFD or ETF position.

Dukascopy Europe reserves the right to make any correction or adjustment to any type of past corporate action as needed.


Split date Instrumento Split ratio
02.08.2021 GE.US/USD 1 for 8
20.07.2021 NVDA.US/USD 4 for 1
19.05.2021 INVEB.SE/SEK 4 for 1
07.05.2021 SWMA.SE/SEK 10 for 1
27.04.2021 VWS.DK/DKK 5 for 1
23.04.2021 VXX.US/USD 1 for 4
31.08.2020 AAPL.US/USD 4 for 1


Ex-date Instrumento New Spin-off ratio
07.06.2021 AAL.GB/GBX TGA LN 0.1 for 1
02.06.2021 MRK.US/USD OGN-W US 1 for 0.1
28.04.2021 TPK.GB/GBX WIX LN 1 for 1
19.03.2019 FOXA.US/USD 21CF 1 per 3


Ex-date Instrumento
22.07.2021 ALXN.US/USD
06.07.2021 DNB.NO/NOK
10.05.2021 DIA.ES/EUR
29.05.2019 GTO.NL/EUR

Merge and acquisition

Ex-date 1st Instrumento 2nd Instrumento

Rights offering

Ex-date Instrumento Right To Purchase Rights ratio Subscription Price
4.06.2021 VRK.FR/EUR VRK.FR/EUR 37 per 8 5.66 EUR
16.11.2020 SAN.ES/EUR SAN.ES/EUR 1 per 23 0