After a week full of particularly encouraging macro data for the States, now the market is back to focus on the future moves of the central banks. The Fed seems to suddenly become longer be possibilist on a referral in the interest rate hike and this is ruining the plans of Mario Draghi. EurUsd can not close a week above 1.15 from January 2015. And 'therefore clear how the market will pay close attention to what happens when this barrier should be tested. In case of breaking the inevitable would fuel bullish automatic stop loss a sprint up with direct target area 1.18 / 1.20, coincidentally just below the neck line of the long term that for so long has kept on changing. But if we look at the oscillator Relative Momentum Index is the impression that once again there should be a market reaction able to report to the central part of the EurUsd trading range. If it will not be necessary to take them into account, but certainly the last cases in which the RMI rose above 70 coincided with a major top EurUsd.

Delicate moment for the dollar and you can tell as the performance of another primary exchange or Usd/Chf. As we are seen from the chart we are looking at key support levels. If 0.95 area should fail to UsdChf is profilerebbe a descent with the first target in the area 0.90. Actually already an early form of bearish head and shoulder had formalized a few days ago, but we want to be certain of this configuration and for that we await the breach of key technical levels of 0.95. UsdChf was fatal for not being able to overcome after several attempts 1.03 area, and now the market has re-positioned at the bottom. As for the dollar against the euro it has come a first moment of truth after the wild ride to the strengthening of 2014-2015.

AUDUSD bullish signals for confirming the difficulty of the greenback. The graph shows the acceleration of the exchange exceeded 0.73 made a minimum formalized double that should not encounter resistance at least up to 0.80 area. Here passes the long-term bearish trend line and is estimated run out pushing bullish, but also in this case no types of graphic evolution can be excluded.

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