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Trader Contest results for August are announced

Trader Posted 14 Sep 2015

Hi traders,

August Trader contest results are published.

Larissa32 from Brazil and lovenorama from Egypt finished the month with the biggest sum of profit among all participants and an equal quantity of points. In accordance with the Contest rules preference in this situation will be given to participant with the latest registration date in the Contest. Congratulations to both participants with their first win in Community!

Airmike finished third in the Trader contest with 292K USD of profit. This is the fourth time he finishes third in the Trader contest and we congratulate him with such consistent results.

The prizes for 26 August winners have already been credited except for the top-3 winners who have to conduct a webinar first and flashroyal who stated fake name in his profile.

That is all for now. Thank you all for the interest in the Community contests. In case you have any questions please send them to

Community team

Turnover for earlier prizes

Strategy Trader FX Article Contest Miss Dukascopy 2015 Technical Analysis Social Trading Fundamental analysis Dukascopy Poker Dukat Contest Trader of the year Extreme Binary Signal Provider Daily Stock options Posted 20 Aug 2015


We would like to inform you that all prizes transferred after September 4th will be subject to a turnover of 2.5 million per $100 won, regardless of when you won the prize.

If you wish to receive prizes won before July 1st under previous conditions (2 million per $100 won), please transfer them before September 4th.


Community team

Trader Contest results for July are announced

Trader Posted 12 Aug 2015

Hi traders,

We have checked the July and are ready to announce the next 30 winners. Here they are!

Aleksandr29 from Estonia finished with the third trading result (603K USD) and 265 points in total. Only one point separated him from amaunator who finished with the best monthly trading result (842K USD) and 264 points in total. Congratulations to both of winners!

Airmike from Slovakia took the third place and this is his ninth win in the Trader contest in more than four years of participation. It was 49th month of participation in the Trader contest for him and we congratulate Airmike with this achievement!

Hope to see webinars from top-3 winners soon!

morometze was removed from the final ranking due to lack of conducted trades and was substituted by sabiri. The prizes for GoSteady (9 place) and keshav (13 place) are suspended due to lack of required information in their profiles. Prizes for the rest of 25 winners have already been credited.

That is all for now!

Community team

Trader Contest results for June are announced

Trader Posted 06 Jul 2015

Hi traders,

The June Trader contest period has been checked and published. Check it out!

The first position was taken by INFINITEisTHElimit from France. This is the second time he becomes the Trader of the month and the third win in total. We congratulate him with this achievement!

only_number_one from Moldova finished in the second place three points behind the leader and snowshow from France finished in the third place.

Aleksandr29 was disqualified from the winners (12th place) due to multiple registrations in the contest month. Due to this fact other 8 participants were shifted 1 place up. Please remember the contest results for each month are thoroughly checked before being published so please avoid unfair behavior.

The prizes for Grizzly (7 place) and speculo_ergo_sum (18 place) are suspended since they didn’t confirm their phone numbers.

We also want to bring your attention to certain changes that were implemented in Trader contest. Starting from July, the total prize fund increases by 33.3% from 21k to 28k USD and the quantity of winners increase from 20 to 30. We also start filtering traders by their draw-down – the Trader contest leaders table will only show participants with less than 60% of maximum draw-down for the current month. Nevertheless, traders with higher draw-down can also claim prizes. For more information please click here.

That is all for now.

Community support team

Community news

Strategy Trader FX Article Contest Miss Dukascopy 2015 Technical Analysis Fundamental analysis Signal Provider Trader of the year Extreme Binary Dukat Contest Social Trading Dukascopy Poker Daily Stock options Posted 30 Jun 2015

Hello, traders!

Dukascopy Community is developing, and every month there is something new! As you might have noticed, two new contests were introduced during the last six months (Dukat Contest and DSO Contest) with the yearly prize fund of 272 thousand dollars.

It was decided not to settle on this, and starting from July, Community yearly prize fund will be increased by 1/3 - from 1.6 to 2.1 million dollars! This will affect both the prize amounts and the number of winning places in some contests. And the turnover requirements will only be bumped by 25% (from 2 to 2.5 million dollars for 100 dollars won).

There will be certain changes in the Trader Contest and Signal Provider Grand-Prix. Starting from July, the Trader contest leaders table will only show participants with less than 60% of maximum drawdown for the current month. Nevertheless, traders with higher drawdown can also claim prizes.

In the Signal Provider Grand-Prix, traders will also be filtered by the average maximum drawdown during 6 or 12 last trading months. Prizes will only be available for traders whose average maximum drawdown does not exceed 60%. Along with these changes, there are also a few bonuses:
•    Signal Provider contest changes from quarterly to monthly;
•    The number of prize places changes from 6 per quarter to 10 per month;
•    Yearly prize fund increases by 69% (from 62 to 105 thousand dollars).

We hope these changes will encourage traders to take less risk in the long-term, and make contests more attractive. All of the above changes will be reflected on the website in July.


Community team

Trader Contest results for May are announced

Trader Posted 16 Jun 2015

Hi traders,

oscbox from Spain is the winner for May! He managed to gain the highest profit (690K USD), and it brought him 200 points out of the 289 gained. Congratulations!

Erialda from Albania took the second place with the second-best trading result (620 K USD). She already took the same place in August 2012 and we wish her all the best on her way to the first position!

Youngd from Poland finished third with 384K USD in profit and 234 points. He joined Community in January and this is the second time he has won a prize in Trader contest. Awesome dynamic, keep going!

We congratulate the other 17 participants who finished in Top-20 this May. Your prizes have already been credited, and you are free to transfer them to your LIVE accounts!

We also want to make an announcement about a new contest which is almost developed and will be launched soon. Stay tuned!

Community team

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