Trader Contest

Trader Contest results for March 2016 are announced.

Trader Posted 18 Apr. 2016

Hi traders,

March is over, and here are the results of this race: 

OneGoodTrade from Romania who managed to earn 924.22K USD of profit has finished in the first place. He joined Community in December 2010 and has already won 21,350 USD participating in our contests. User David1985 from Argentina took the second position with 655.87K USD in profit. He has been trading with us since January 2016 and has earned his first community prize.  And finally xyzne from Russia has finished on the third place. Congratulations to the top-3 winners as well as the other finalists! 

The prizes for all winners have already been credited!

At the same time, we have found unfair play in Trader contest this month performed by participants WhiteFalcon and Naraa (command tactics, copying the trades). They were disqualified and excluded from the final ranking. In case this continues, we will need to disqualify these users from participating in the Dukascopy community. 

All the best for everyone in April 2016!


Community team

Trader Contest results for February 2016 are announced.

Trader Posted 28 Mar. 2016

Hi traders,

The 63rd month of our contest is over, and here are the results of the February 2016 race.

FXDON from Pakistan has earned a remarkable 2.4m USD in February but, at closer look, we discovered command tactics with users ajmalakbar, mumtazkhan, SikandarAzam, Ghani, ahmadnawaz, Nooooooooooor, khattak, guldar, izaty, Transporter. As a result, all of them were excluded from the final ranking.  Moreover, as this is the second time participants ajmalakbar, Ghani and guldar have been caught in unfair play, they were permanently banned. The same sanctions will be applied to other mentioned participants in case they will be caught again.

Unfortunately, we also have to disqualify participants alpal and  ipazik from February contest month for simultaneous trading on their accounts. In case this practice continues, we will be forced to disqualify these users from participating in Dukascopy community too.

We would like to remind that participants must refrain from any dishonest and unfair activities (registration of persons that are directly or indirectly related to other participant; various team tactics that include consolidation of participants into a group with a purpose to get a statistical advantage on one of the accounts; trading in the same or opposite directions within one or more accounts).

Now let’s switch to the positive news and announce the February winners.

Due to FXDON’sremoval from the first place bakerator96 from Ukraine who managed to earn 740,990 USD of profit in February 2016 has shifted one place up and thus finished in the first place. He joined Community in March 2015, and this is the third prize he has won participating in our contests. User independeceday32 from Spain took the second position with 605,470 USD in profit. Не has been trading with us since January 2013 and has already won 5,200 USD of community prizes.  And finally MohamedGamal from Egypt with result of 498,240 USD has finished on the third place. Congratulations to February 2016 top-3 winners as well as the other 27 finalists!

The prizes for the winners have already been credited, except for Horn2Hoya and DDD, due to lack of required information in their profiles or unconfirmed phone number.

All the best for everyone in March 2016 and we suggest you check the video checkup of the first Trader contest conducted in December 2010!

Community team

LIVE Prize accounts

Strategy Trader FX Article Contest Miss Dukascopy 2016 Technical Analysis Fundamental analysis Social Trading Dukascopy Poker Signal Provider Binary Dukat Contest Trader of the year Extreme Daily Stock options Posted 02 Mar. 2016


This is to inform you that starting today, LIVE accounts with your own funds can’t be used for prize money transfers anymore, even if they are linked with your Community account. In case you can’t find your LIVE trading account on the “My finances” page anymore, please let us know by sending a letter to We will check your case and provide you with additional information.

Community team

Trader Contest results for January are announced

Trader Posted 11 Feb. 2016

Hi traders,

iggy_ua from Ukraine has finished in the first place in January with 929.6K USD in profit. This is the first won prize for him as well as for Ayman6 from Egypt who took the second position with 785.8K USD in profit. massimoscalas from Italy managed to finish third with 423.9K USD. Congratulations to January top-3 winners as well as for other 27 finalists.

While checking preliminary January rankings we found 2 participants (pine75 and sukeshroy) who did not conduct the 10 required trades during the contest month and therefore were not included in the final standings. Dear participants, please read the Rules carefully in order not to be disappointed by our final decision.

Very similar PnL charts of two participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Taxista and Nerka) also brought our attention. After the investigation we took the decision to disqualify Nerka for a lot of similar trades with Taxista conducted from one IP. We do not forbid sharing trading experience with each other but such practices as simultaneous trading on different accounts are not acceptable.

Valday74, ososelgin and chase_wind who finished on 31-33 places were lifted 3 places up and got 200 USD prize each. Prizes for Nooooooooooor and Julliana are suspended due to unconfirmed phone numbers.

In addition we inform you that starting from today Trader’s blog points’ assignment procedure will become more severe. Points will be awarded only for those authors who write the posts themselves. Sharing news and articles from other sites is not forbidden but such posts should also be accompanied by your comments. The decision whether to assign a point for the post or not will be taken by the moderator after reviewing the post.

Wish you all the best in February!

Community team

Trader Contest results for December are announced

Trader Posted 08 Jan. 2016

Hi traders,

The last month of 2015 has come to an end and the results are as follows.

It was discovered that user mano930 decided to cheat and gain some points in Order’s quality nominations at the very last day of the month. That helped her overcome user lotiti and finish in the second position. However, such activity will be discovered and leads to only one possible outcome – disqualification from the current month. The next attempt will result in a permanent ban from Community.

It is sad to say but 2 more participants (amk234 and DillTraderUA) were excluded from the final version of the ranking due to lack of the conducted trades (less than 10).

But now, let us move to the positive part of the news and congratulate one of the old-timers of Community AdamFx42 with the first place he took in December! 272 points gained helped him to take winning position in the Trader contest for the first time since April 2013.

Two other positions are also occupied by Community veterans. lotiti who showed the best performance in December and gained 683K USD in profit has been lifted one rank up and finished in the second place.

peterisp for whom it was 44th month of participation in the contest ended the competition in the third place.

Congratulations – and we are looking forward to seeing your webinars conducted on our TV.

The prizes for the remaining 25 winners have already been credited except mandalafxbz who still has not confirmed his phone number in profile. The prize for SerJunior is also suspended due to fake names in his profile.

Wish you all the best in January!

Community team

Trader Contest results for November are announced

Trader Posted 04 Dec. 2015

Hi traders,

The finalists of November Trader contest were checked and we have the following results.

4 out of 10+ users from Pakistani team who were in the top positions in the very first days of November were disqualified from the top-30 for obvious signs of team tactics (ajmalakbar, Ghani, rashidiqbal, guldar). The same penalties for the same reasons were applied to STARLINE, Panzer and Sux87 from Bosnia and Herzegovina as well. Continued attempts to cheat will lead to a permanent ban of the mentioned Community members. Please take this into account if you plan to remain a part of Community and do not try to break the Contest Rules or be smarter than our tracking and anti-cheating systems.

Sadly, 2 more traders (GaaraMyLifeDeBaf) were excluded from the top-30 winners list due to lack of conducted trades in the contest month (less than 10).

This is the first time in almost 3 year we have had to disqualify such a large number of traders in the final stage, so we take this opportunity to remind our participants that violating the rules is not the way to victory.

Corrections and disqualifications did not lead to changes in top-3 leaders positions taken by Trillionsfund, shanziester and yellownight and we congratulate them with this achievement! But other participants were lifted a few places up and opened the doors for those participants who finished outside the November’s top-30.

Since we did not evaluate Trader’s blog posts for the 4 last days of November, few blog points were added for some participants and it caused minor changes in the winners’ list.

That is all for now. Wishing you all a green month.


Community team

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