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Trader Contest results for April are announced

Trader Posted 11 May 2015

Hi traders,

April is over and it is time to announce the winners.

3 participants finished the month with more than 1 million USD in equity, and two of them took the first and second place.

faridns from Egypt ended the month with the third highest trading result however points earned in DEMO subscribers, Order’s quality and Trader’s blog nominations helped him to finish first. Congratulations!

Trillionsfund from Ukraine finished second despite being the best in Performance nomination. Had he posted in his Trader’s blog regularly, he easily could have had a chance to outrun faridns.

MinhTam from Vietnam finished third with 560K USD of profit and maximum points in Signal subscribers and Order’s quality nominations.

As for now: our sincere congratulations to the winners and green pips to everyone who has already started competing in May Contest.

Community team

Trader Contest results for March are announced

Trader Posted 08 Apr 2015

Hi traders,

The results for March Trader contest are published. Check it out!

Mani from Pakistan finished the March in the first place with 270 points in total. She gained 1.26 million USD of profit and this brought her 200 points in Performance nomination. The other 70 points were scored mostly in Order’s quality nomination.

Skif from Ukraine finished second with 248 points. Even though he finished 11th in Performance nomination, he scored almost maximum of points in other nominations. In particular, his interesting and well-written posts brought him 26 points when LIVE and DEMO signal subscribers added 18 points to his rating.

Cholia from Lithuania scored 236 points and finished third. He gained 582K USD of profit and thus scored 159 points in Performance nomination. The other 77 points were scored in Order’s quality and Trader’s blog nominations.

Congratulations to top-3 winners as well as other 17 winners of the March Trader contest!

The prize crediting process will be postponed for FaFax and Nico_Ceres who finished on 11th an 18th place respectively until they confirm their phone number.

We also remind you that we have created a Twitter channel for Trader contest where we publish the best posts from Trader’s blog as well as the latest Trader contest news. Join us on Twitter and stay tuned!

That is all for now. We wish you all the best in April!

Community team

Turnover for earlier prizes

Strategy FX Article Contest Trader Dream Love My Gifted Child Miss Dukascopy 2015 Technical Analysis Fundamental analysis Social Trading Dukascopy Poker Signal Provider Binary Trader of the year Extreme Posted 31 Mar 2015

All prizes transferred after April 15th will be subject to a turnover of 2 million per $100 won, regardless of when you won the prize, in line with the rules.

If you wish to receive prizes won before February 1st under previous conditions, please transfer them before April 15th.

Trader Contest results for February are announced

Trader Posted 17 Mar 2015

Hi traders,

February Trader contest is checked and closed and the results are published.

mrkbd from Bangladesh finished the month in the first place with 46 points difference from Dasak2010 who ended the month on the second place. The winner finished with almost 1 million of profit, and that helped him to get the highest score in Performance nomination. Also he was the most popular signal provider amongst the DEMO signal subscribers. Congratulations on such an achievement!

Even though mozu12 and 112233 did not break the Contest Rules, we will postpone the prize crediting process for them until they state real name/surname and confirm the phone number respectively.

That is all for now. We wish you all the best in March!

Community team

Trader Contest results for January are announced

Trader Posted 10 Feb 2015

Hi traders,

The 49th month of the Trader contest is over. We have checked the top-20 traders and are ready to announce the results.

Ziyabash is a winner in January. He was one of the most popular signal providers among both DEMO and LIVE subscribers and this brought him 23 out of 258 points. Congratulations!

As the difference between the second and tenth position is only 17 points participants finished very close to each other. iktorn overtook Berkeley by 4 points and finished in the second position with 230 points. Congratulations to both of you!

We also want to remind you that February winners will be rewarded with increased prizes. See the final prizes scheme for more details.

That is all for now. All the best for February!

Community team

Trader Contest results for December are announced

Trader Posted 09 Jan 2015

Hi traders,

It is time to announce the winners of December 2014. Here they are.
JulianF from Estonia has traded Yen crosses and ended the last month of the 2014 year with almost one million in profit. Such result helped him to take the first place in Trader contest as well as in both nominations of Signal Provider Grand Prix. Congratulations on such outstanding achievements!

DaniDani from Italia ended December with 369.8K USD profit, taking the second place. It was the second time he participated in Trader contest and both times he finished in the Top-20. Congratulations with a good start!

roshan007 who ended the month in the third place was excluded from the winners list because we found out he had registered and actively traded on a parallel Trader contest account. We are really sorry to do this but Rules are the same for all participants, and they to be honored. Thus samme from Jamaica was moved one position up and took the third place. Congratulations for ending month in Top-3!

We also want to remind you to check out our brand new Dukat contest. The idea of the contest is very simple: be active in Community, earn Dukats for every action you do and become one of hundred lucky winners!

Community team

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