Trader Contest results for June are announced.

Posted 06 July 2018  in #Trader
Hi traders,

iktorn from Slovakia has managed to earn 282 points (969.50k) and finished first in June Trader’s contest. Нe joined Community in September 2012 and already won 9 000,00 USD. User Dominos finished in the second position with 274 points (771.02k) , and kahinistanbul took the third position with 243 points (625.37k) . Congratulations to the top 3 winners as well as the other finalists!

Also while checking the preliminary rankings, we found participant mozu12 who did not conduct the 10 required trades during the contest month and therefore he was not included in the final standings.

Meanwhile the prizes for the winners have already been credited!

All the best for everyone in July 2018!

Community team
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