EURUSD has been moving unpredictably during the Grexit Crisis. It may look as through the pair is making random price movement but a closer look shows that there is symmetry in this pair’s movement.

The wide fluctuations in this pair started during the beginning of Grexit crisis at the end of February. Based on the charts, I’m using 25th February as the starting line. The price dropped sharply to 1.05 range before moving up again to reach 1.14 range within the five months of crisis.

I have determined by studying the charts that the median price of these price movements is 1.0959.

I have also determined the extremes of these price movement within the four months. The top range for the price is 1.1380 and bottom range is 1.0538. Note that both of these prices are exactly at same pip levels from the median.

1.1380 – 1.0959 : 421 pips

1.0959 – 1.0538 : 421 pips

The symmetry price movement begins at 25 February 2015 and ended on 24 July 2015.

The price started the movement from the top price 1.1380 and reached the bottom price of 1.0538 and moved upward back to the starting price within 51 working days. The next movement from top price of 1.1380 to median price is almost same 50 working days.

25 February 2015 – 7 May 2015 : 51 working days

8 May 2015 – 21 July 2015 : 50 working days

By now the Grexit crisis has more or less ended. The price is at the median price and waiting for the next big movement up.
Based on Fibonacci resistance levels, I’m expecting the price of EURUSD to reach around 1.30 price range. How long this price movement is going to take (if it occurs) is very hard to guess.

Maybe from these charts, Dukascopy users can understand that 5 month long DISTRIBUTION AND ACCUMULATION has OCCURRED.

THEY’ are ready for the next big movement!

Are we going to relax on the beach watching people surfing the waves or are we going to ride the waves into sea of profits. It’s up to you to decide.

A simple calculation shows how much profit is there to be made:

Initial cash of USD10000.
Risk of 10% of capital which is USD1000.
Stop loss at 450 pips which is lower than the bottom price of 1.0538.
Open 0.025 lot at median price of 1.0959 and close the trade at 1.3000.
Profit of USD4500, the risk factor is 4.5:1.

Happy Pips everyone, it will be just nice to celebrate in December Holidays!
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