Today, the geopolitical headlines have generated risk adversion on the market as:

- stocks have hit 4 months low,
- gold has hit 3 weeks high,
- Usd/Jpy has made a false breakout at 102 Level and it is waating for the BOJ Monetary Policy Decision and Statement together with the Press Conference from Governor Kuroda tomorrow morning.
- ECB has dissapointed again investors with no change in the Interest Rate and a press conference with no surprises.
- AUD was one of the Market Movers after the strong market impact from the Employment Data overnight... Wainting for the Meeting Minutes tonight.

The CNN Money Fear&Greed Index shows Extreme Fear (Index 5 from 100) all 7 fear and gree indicators showing Extreme Fear (the same as 1st of August)

Depending on the RBA Meeting Minutes and BOJ Statement I see the following opportunities on the market:
- Short EUR/AUD,
- Short GBP/AUD,
- Short USD.JPY (If BOJ brings nothing new and no forward guidance on the stimulus)
- Long EUR/JPY, (only if BOJ builds more confidence in the QE program as We have had a lot of pre-news speculation this week)
- Long GBP/JPY. (same as EUR/JPY).

PS: I apologize that I wasn't able to broadcast any Webinars this week but something urgent has come up.
To your success,
Doctortyby - Tiberiu
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