For the month of December 2017, I "only" managed to earn a 28% Rate of Return in the Trader Contest, placing just 132 overall in the Standings. Clearly this was not enough to place in the Top 10 especially with a total of "just" 155 Pips. However, despite this performance which was not enough for this competition, is it still enough of a return to be successful in Forex on a Live Account? I believe so.

The Video below summarizes my performance for the month, along with a description of the last trade that was made on the USD CHF and an overview of my Methodology.

This 28% Return is actually in sync with the monthly target that I have set for my personal trading on my Live Account.

Once this Rate of Return is hit on a regular basis, significant gains from this market are possible in a very short time.

The Aggressive Swing Trading Strategy I use is summarized below. Powerful and accurate Candlestick Signals and Consolidation Setups are used ttype o Swing Trade the Daily and 4 Hour Charts each week. This is based on the Trading Theories that actually control the Forex on these stable time frames.

As you heard in the video above, there are times when trades that offer less than 50 Pips or more than 70 Pips are also targeted, so long as the setup is strong enough to justify taking the risk. All trades are held for a maximum of 24 Hours since this was discovered to be the time needed for the High Probability Trades to hit their Pip Targets. It also imposes a level of discipline that prevents us from being greedy.

As you can also from the Statistics for December,

the performance also highlighted that even just 155 Pips were gained,

-Only a few trades are needed for a Strong Return

- There is no need to earn 1000s of Pips to achieve good results

- You can enjoy Strong Returns with trades that take less than 24 Hours

So despite being satisfied by this return, my goal will still be to aim for the top 5 this month, trading more aggressively to capture larger Pip gains, which will also translate into even greater returns in my Live Account.

Good Luck all


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