USD bloodbath

I knew 100%that the USD will go down today, but not so late, dropped sharply within half an hour more than 50 points; mostly on fundamental base, also Consumer Confidence Index decreased to 111.8 in January after reaching a 15-year high in December2016, according to a monthly survey released on Tuesday.

The Bank of Japan raised its economic growth forecasts on Tuesday, but kept its policy stance unchanged, as was widely expected in its latest policy review. The central bank raised its gross domestic product (GDP) forecast to 1.4 % for the current fiscal year, from its previous forecast, made in October, of 1.0 % growth. For fiscal 2017, it raised its economic growth forecast to 1.5 %, from 1.3 %, and for fiscal 2018, it raised its forecast to 1.1 %, from 0.9 %.

The output of Canada’s economy expanded by 0.4 % in November, led by mining, oil and gas, manufacturing and construction. Raw material price index also surprised to 6,5%

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