The EUR/USD showed some bullish momentum to end the week just below 1.3700

On the daily chart, this will be the third attempt to take over the
1.3700. On smaller time frames we can see seller's aggressively coming
in at this level every time it's approached, and capping the EUR/USD

Not only is this level show strong resistance to the upside, we also show even stronger resistance to the upside on the daily
and weekly charts when price has approached the 1.3800 level.

There is most likely stops being built up all around the 1.3700-1.3850 area,
however will the bulls have what it takes to drive prices higher to
trigger these stops?

I think the coming week or two might show a clue as to the larger trend that is developing in this pair.


So much for calling the resistance and then in the last line they say "coming week or two might show a clue" people he said "clue" so I guess he now has no clue but he can wright all this stuff.
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