Avg. draw-down:
? The average value of the maximum draw-downs in the Trader contest during the selected period
Not rated
12-month PnL:
? Cumulative profit/loss in Trader contest for the latest 12 months
Not rated
Avg. Profitability (monthly):
? Average monthly profitability in Trader Contest, %
Not rated
DEMO subscribers:
? Quantity of Social trading contest DEMO accounts subscribed to the trader's signals during the selected period
Not rated
LIVE subscribers:
? Quantity of LIVE accounts subscribed to the trader's signals during the selected period
Not rated
Total prizes won:
5 700 $
? Total prizes won during all months
of participation in the contest
Not rated
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Trader's strategy:
Elliott, Murrey and basic trendlines
Cumulative Profit/Loss dynamics ($)
Selected period: 01.11.2014 - 07.10.2015
* The chart is based on the continuous sum of periodic profits & losses. Starts from zero although traders actually start their trading with an initial deposit of 100,000 USD every month.
Total pip-points gained: ? The number of pip-points (EUR/USD pips)
scored during the given statistical period.
Avg pip-points outcome from all positions:
Most profitable trade (pip-points):
Worst trade (pip-points):
Avg pip-points gain on positive positions:
Avg pip-points lost on negative positions:
Number of trades: ? Number of positions opened
during the given statistical period.
Avg position size (USD):
2 140 671
Avg trade lifespan:
27.66 hours
Maximum drawdown(%): ? Maximum equity's
consecutive depreciation
Avg. draw-down(%):
Number of drawdowns:
Share of trades conducted with cond. orders ? Includes pending entry
orders, SLs and TPs
Win/Loss ratio ? Positive vs. Negative positions
* All pips from different currency pairs are converted to EUR/USD pips (also called pip-points) at the prices of last settlement.

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