Where does the cash prize that you win in poker contests go to? Does it get credited to real account? And what's the minimum amount required to open an account? I read it in trader contest rules that minimum amount required to open an account is 500. does the same rule apply for poker prizes as well?

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Mehfooz 30 Nov.

need to open live account then at least 100Usd winning then all win be transfer no matter how much ,,...

if still its confusing u can reply me  or contact support chat for better help or otherwise email your problem  at : [email protected]

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Cash prize will be credited to "My Finances" section of your Dukascopy Community profile. Use the section to transfer the prize to your live account:

Before you can use the section you must open a live account with Dukascopy and link the account to your community profile. Everything you need to know in order to open a live account online with Dukascopy is here:

Link your live account to your community profile via Member Area. Log to Member Area and click "Summary" then "My Account" and find "FX Community" section where you can link your account.

Dukascopy Member Area:
Dukascopy EU Member Area:

Excerpt from the most recent version of "Prizes and Awarding Rules":

"If Participant does not have a live account with Dukascopy, then he/she should proceed to the live account opening procedure in a regular way. If Participant does not comply with live account opening requirements, Dukascopy reserves the right to cancel the cash prize.

Cash prizes may be credited only to a live sub-account open with Dukascopy in the name of the relevant Participant.

LIVE accounts which are credited with prize money are considered LIVE Prize accounts. LIVE Prize accounts can be credited only with cash prize money. Clients are not allowed crediting their own funds on this type of account."

BTW, You can open a LIVE Prize account and deposit your cash prize, even if it's less than minimum deposit requirement.

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18 Nov. 2015 by

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It's 100 bucks for an account now. To see what you won (say, your poker prizes) you need a live account up and running. For that you will need to transfer money on to it from your pocket, not from poker. That's my view.

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7 Jan. 2014 by

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из своего кармана пополнять не чего не надо и если вы не знаете наверняка то не вводите людей в заблуждение

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пополнять счёт своими деньгами не обязательно минимальный перевод призовых 50 USD у вас есть личный менеджер если есть призовые свяжитесь с ним и он объяснит вам подробнее

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4 Dec. 2015 by

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